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TRY BEFORE YOU BUY: The Skinny on Social Media Influencer Marketing and Co-Promoting

Welcome back to the next Sunday weekly recurring edition of Biz Orlando at HypeOrlando!

In the relaunch post, Biz Orlando by @SOSArtGallery handled the business of influencer marketing and role of community bloggers — delving into the new marketing and advertising norms (businesses large and small) by tapping into social media channels and relying on followers and influencers to spur business growth with social selling and product reviews.

I first stumbled upon this new concept of influencer marketing when reading a blog post by The Penny Hoarder about brand ambassadors and the mainstream players by which large corporations are putting their products into the hands of bloggers and those individuals with a strong social media following — allowing them to try before they buy in exchange for product reviews and photos to be posted on social media with the hopes of increased exposure levels.

My curiosity on the subject fueled me to sign up for the most common influencer marketing sites that I could find: Influenster, Pinch Me and Smiley 360. After filling out my personal profiles, surveys on my own shopping trends and connecting my social media accounts, I decided to see for myself if these “try before you buy” promos were really legitimate in their claims.

After quickly receiving several shipment of product samples from each company, I was quickly convinced that the answer was yes. Influenster was the first to the plate — shipping me a Vox Box sample of the Vaseline Lip Tin before launching in January 2016. In return, I acknowledged to keep the product testing on the down low until given the go ahead to share my own personal opinion via social media once the product was placed in retail storefronts.

Soon to follow were Pinch Me and Smiley 360 boxed shipments of various collections of product samples. One by one, after trying each product I snapped a photo to post alongside written reviews to be shared via Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Each mission comes with its own set of tasks to earn points along the way in order to be sent future opportunities. The more info shared, the more valuable the brand influencer becomes in the process.

Once convinced on the topic of influencer marketing, I then came across a promo for a company called The idea? To join a network of social media creators and brand influencers in order to capitalize on collaborative marketing by retweeting Twitter tweets, Tumblr posts, YouTube and Vine videos to gain exposure between followers.

I can tell you this — IT WORKS! In just one short month, here’s my results: 51 boosted posts + 194 new shares received + 628.2K new people reached = unparalled increasing sales and business exposure for SOS Art Gallery. It was like a shot in the arm for social media selling like I’d never experienced before. For this, I thank each and every follower who has done their part in spreading the word. Local businesses like mine depend on those following globally to collectively boost each other’s efforts by doing together what one can’t reach alone.

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Kathryn McHenry