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How local businesses are changing global economy from the inside out

BIZ ORLANDO BACK IN BUSINESS: The Business of Blogging and Influencer Marketing

Kathryn McHenry, SOS Art Gallery at

Two years ago in February 2014 marked the start of a new literary journey in my life. I pitched an idea to launch a HypeOrlando community blog in a partner venture between unpaid voluntary bloggers and the Orlando Sentinel — starting with an initial group of the first 50 HypeOrlando community bloggers. Small Biz In A Big World was the first time I publicly wrote to share my life experiences, both as an entrepreneur and to share the facets of my personal growth that crept into the professional side.

Time and time again, I would receive many private messages and public comments thanking me for my level of transparency — noting how my writing personally impacted their own perspective on otherwise seemingly bad situations. Struggles turned necessary evils into trials of eventual success. Writing, much like visual art, is a method by which a writer bares their soul; their innermost feelings; emotions and perspective for varying purposes — but foremost as an art of cathartic storytelling.

Blogging has become a staple of influencer marketing. Gone are the days of stand-alone formal press releases. Nowadays when a business or individual desires to initiate a quick impression and spread the word about ideas, products or services then the likely method has become social media broadcasts. Much like television or radio airwaves, varying degrees of biases, pressures and behind-the-scenes politics tend to at times creep in and set the priorities and behavior patterns of community bloggers.

Blogging much like mainstream media press credentials comes with its perks: swag bags, VIP preview events and many other preferential treatments and norms of influencer marketing and shaping views. And like tribes of friends, followers and supporters, bloggers develop their own cliques and community partnerships in an attempt to form a collective impact together as a whole, rather than acting alone.

When I was awarded the Sunshine Blog Award as a Top 10 Florida Blog in the Business / Money / Marketing / Technology category in 2015, a level of admitted personal naivete due to lack of social integration from a disallowing work schedule brought these realizations to light in a way that I never expected. As a result, I quickly decided to take a step back, observe the tight-knit factions in the community and gleam insight as to how the pieces of the puzzle either fit together or clashed similar to sibling rivalries.

Admittedly, I have never had any desire whatsoever to get caught up in the game of rivaling egos and personalities. Biz Orlando will share anecdotes of growth as a business owner — leaving no room for anything other than a community blog serving a focused purpose and a mission as an entrepreneur.

Today, I bring to you the relaunch of Biz Orlando — a rebirth of Small Biz In A Big World. This new chapter will take a look at the budding mecca of local entrepreneurship and the new face of Central Florida tourism — stretching beyond your typical mainstream players in the local attractions industry. Biz Orlando will also serve as an expose showing how local business has corporations quickly changing existing game plans to compete with local makers, crafters and retail business owners.

Influencer marketing is the future of brand awareness and advertising as we know it — with a new level of personal tastes and subjective reviews. Shaping our everyday decisions, the business of blogging will further become a valued asset to businesses both large and small, worthy of monetizing. Bloggers invest their time and energy for the most part pro bono — with a desire to one day monetize their efforts to turn a hobby of passion into a compensated profession of purpose and personal vision.

I invite you to join on my journey as a full-time entrepreneur, as I delve into a changing landscape where shopping local is revitalizing communities and expediting local business growth in a big way. GET CONNECTED by subscribing when you follow to receive exclusive updates on newly written HypeOrlando posts and to see what’s in store for Studio Orlando Services (SOS).

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Here’s To Living A Life Driven By Purpose,

Kathryn McHenry