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Dear Democrats

I know Clinton’s loss was an upset. I know some have yet to get over it. I know some may never get over it.

But, Jordan Edwards, a Black child, is dead because a White police officer shot and killed him either out of fear or hate.

In Anaheim, an officer won’t face charges for assault and attempted murder of a young Brown child.

We still have a jacked-up health care system that should already be a single-payer system and Democrats are more passionate about proving Trump conspired with the Russians than taking care of the American people.

Our seniors are still cutting their prescription medications in half, if they can buy them at all, while also trying to decide whether to pay their rent or buy medicine.

Our Vets are dying in VA hospitals while waiting for care.

Over 70% of Floridians voted for medical cannabis to be legalized and the state Congress has yet to enact a plan to give the voters what they want and need to treat ailments and illnesses themselves.

Democrats in Congress are voting against lower prescription drug prices and young people are drowning in debt over student loans.

There is STILL a Muslim Ban in America and racial and religious profiling happens everyday.

Democrats are voting against bills without having written one better than the one they’re voting against.

These are just snapshots of the issues that matter to us.

Democrats, you’re touting yourselves as the party of the people but you seem to have forgotten for whom you work.

On second thought, maybe you haven’t forgotten.

Maybe you are working for your true bosses and that’s big corporations.

Maybe, just maybe, our donations aren’t big enough for you to consider working for us as opposed to working for them. Maybe those companies Trump us on the amount of money given to your campaigns, but while you weren’t looking, you got Trumped. Literally. And you still are losing elections across this nation.

Here’s the real deal.

Black Lives Matter.

Our Elders matter.

Our economy matters and our health care and clean water is everything.

While you worry about Trump and the Russians, the Dakota Access Pipeline and other pipelines are still an issue.

In Florida, Democrat Congresswoman Corrine Brown was found guilty of corruption. While that is a black eye for the party, we, the people, have two black eyes, a worn-out back and a broken heart from trusting you. Yet, we have a fiery spirit.

We will not allow our Elders to be neglected.

We won’t allow Black Lives to NOT matter and we won’t stand for jacked-up health care.

We won’t just protest a Republican President and Congress.

We will stand up to you, too, our own party who we trusted to fight for us.

What we’ll do is primary each of you who neglect us by turning the world’s attention from the embarrassment of Clinton’s loss, to building upon the greatness we can do together as a unit.

Have fun in DC while it lasts, because if you are one of the Democrats who are neglecting us, we are coming for your seats.

See you soon,

Your constituents

Problems still linger around Congresswoman Corrine Brown

Congresswoman Corrine Brown is accused of conspiring to commit fraud by using campaign funds for personal purposes and improperly soliciting charitable donations along with other allegations.

Carla Wiley, Director of the non-profit organization, “One Door for Education,” plead guilty to fraud and agreed to fully cooperate with federal prosecutors. Wiley will also be sentenced on June 13th for the crime.

Brown is linked to the organization that collected $800,000 dollars in donations since 2012 and only gave out a scholarship for $1000 within the same time frame. Wiley also transferred $140,000 into her own bank account.

Brown told the media, “I am clean.” However, allegations surfaced that Brown used letterhead or a logo representing the United States House of Representatives to align herself and the House of Representatives to a fundraiser golf tournament in Virginia, where the organization is based.

Allegations also surfaced that the organization hosted events for Brown and that Brown also wrote letters encouraging donors to send in money.

Some of Wiley’s statements led some to believe the trail of funds or the benefits lead back to Brown or an unnamed official.

Last month, the House of Representatives ethics committee voted to investigate Brown and her affiliation with this group.

Redistricting is also giving Congresswoman Brown a tough run at re-election. Last July, a Florida Supreme Court Judge ruled the congressional district Brown has served in for years, violated the “Fair Districts” standards approved by voters 6 years ago.

Although there were more districts involved in the gerrymandering case, Brown’s district may garner the most change for people of color.

Once the new maps were drawn and approved, it spelled disaster for Brown, her district and her upcoming election.

Last week, television stations caught up with the Congresswoman and she said, “this is not acceptable the way this is working,” in regards to the investigation process.

As reporters pressed her for information, she continued, “Do you think if I hired a team of attorneys and they tell me to zip it, or else, they would divorce me, I don’t know what you think I am gonna say!”

As for the most important of them all, Brown’s constituents, she spoke on their behalf saying, “They don’t have any questions for me, because they know me.”

The Supreme Court ruling on redistricting is in

The long-awaited, newly drawn districts have been approved and this is good news for Democrats.

Matter of fact, this is good news for black people and black candidates, in general in the state of Florida. Especially, Central Florida.
Democrats may have a chance to gain two new seats in the U.S. House making the weight of the Republicans versus Democrats closer to equal whereas the weight of the Republicans currently exceeds that of the Democrats.

The districts that are most likely to feel the effects of the redistricting is District 5, which is currently held by Democrat Corrine Brown and District 10 which is currently held by Republican Daniel Webster.

These districts were redrawn even after Representative Brown unsuccessfully took the case to court to fight to keep her snake-shaped district that ran all the way from North Florida into Central Florida.

At that time, Brown fought on the grounds that if the districts were redrawn, her district would include fewer back people. Today the ruling came down from the Florida Supreme Court, putting to rest all the arguments and rumors.