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Why Bernie Sanders is more electable than Hillary Clinton

Why Bernie Sanders is more electable than Hillary Clinton

From out of nowhere, this 70-ish year-old Jewish man, with wild hair, steps on the scene with a Presidential bid and starts talking to us about issues. Issues that touched the core of various target demographics. After the latest democratic debate, here are the top three reasons why Bernie Sanders is more electable than Hillary Clinton.

1.) Bernie Sanders and the issues he works hard for, appeal to college students, senior citizens and the middle class.
That’s about all of the target demographics! With most Americans being either middle class or poverty stricken, the candidate who makes sense to these voters is Bernie Sanders. With a significantly smaller percentage of people being wealthy, the candidate who will create plans to boost the middle class and is passionate about eliminating poverty is Sanders. In addition, he is instilling hope that will help propel the agenda and legacy of President Obama.

2.) Sanders talks more about what he will work hard to do, while Clinton talks about what cannot be done.
For example, during the debate and actually quite often, Clinton talks about free college and why it won’t work in America while Sanders is pushing for free college for every student who desires to go and is willing to work hard to achieve that goal. With two-thirds of college students graduating with major debt, Sanders is proposing a plan that will not only encourage more students to go to college, but also will aid them in getting a degree that is actually well-worth the studies. Most institutions of higher learning are financially sound by charging students anywhere from $30k to $100k and often more in private schools. Most students spend years trying to pay their student loans back. Sanders studied other countries like Sweden, France and Norway and believe we should thrive just as well as they have with free college plans. Sanders also uses the word “We” and Clinton uses the word “I” at every engagement in which they speak.

3.) Generally, those who will vote for Clinton in the primary election will vote for Sanders if he becomes the nominee to beat the Republican front-runner. However, the Sanders “cult” will not vote in droves for Clinton if Sanders does not become the nominee.
Every vote counts. Especially when it gets down to Democrats versus Republicans. The Democratic Party would be smart to realize their base, along with registered Independents, are ready to vote for Bernie Sanders. He has energized students, seniors, the middle class and a significant segment of the Black and Brown communities. His voter base is passionate and are less likely to go to the polls for anyone other than him. Strategically, Bernie Sanders is holding the golden ticket for Democrats to get another 4-8 years in the White House.

In an act of desperation, Clinton started using Bernie Sanders’ talking points on the night of the New Hampshire primary. She made sure to speak to America’s youth and then she hired a new Director of Black media that night.

I don’t know about you but I feel hiring a Director of Black Media out of fear that the black voter base is siding with Sanders should be organic. Bernie Sanders has been involved in the black movement since the 1960’s. Now, THAT’S organic!

Who would have thought Hillary would again be in such a close race for the nomination. Twice Hillary has run for the highest office in the land and again she is neck and neck with another candidate many feel can do a better job. Her first major opponent was Barack Hussein Obama and now, she faces Bernie “Feel the Bern” Sanders. Sanders was just a “nobody” yesterday who was fighting for his district as a Senator from Vermont. Even with just a small team of staffers behind him, America is shouting they are not interested in polished, scripted politicians who benefit from Wall Street. They want Bernie. If the Democratic and Republican parties would keep their ears to the ground, they would see the masses are not interested in scripts or talking points but are interested in honesty, integrity and candidates who can at least have hope, passion and their own money, or the money of supporters to run in this race.

Geraldine Thompson takes an odd, sloppy swing at Chief Val Demings

Geraldine Thompson takes an odd, sloppy swing at Chief Val Demings

Geraldine Thompson made a statement about District 10 Candidate Chief Val Demings regarding an excessive force case that happened while Demings was in office over six years ago.

Thompson said she was working with the NAACP on legislation that would require FDLE to investigate uses of police force that results in death or serious bodily harm and then cited a case where a man involved in an altercation with the Orlando police was injured and settled his case.

She then added that incident was on Demings watch. The story started to unfold and the Black Lives Matter movement was thrown in the mix in what appeared to be a sloppy attempt to confuse black voters. But, the man in the case Thompson mentioned is an 84-year old white man.

The case is old and it’s over. Yet, currently we are witness to a sitting police chief that has excused excessive force against black people right here in Orlando.

However, Thompson didn’t call that out. She called-out a former black, female police chief that actually has a stellar record. Being afraid to question and if need be, attack (not physically, of course) the source of the current problem is something our leaders must be able to do effectively. When there are 23 inexcusable, excessive force cases under the current leadership now and a candidate takes a shot at someone who previously led that force instead of the current leader is frankly a cowardly move.

As we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King this month, we should all take a good look at our strategies against our own people, especially those looking to lead our communities. Not only that, we should take a good look at how we treat each other and that includes what we say to each other and how we say it. During the Democratic debate last Sunday, Bernie Sanders refused to bring into question the past indiscretions of Hillary Clinton’s husband, President Bill Clinton.

Sanders almost emotionally embraced and protected her from the firestorm that is already brewing to use the former President’s affair(s) as a public relations target in an effort to shy people away from voting for her. Sanders’ move was not only classy but it was right. It was also the ethical thing to do. Most of all, he stayed on the issues that Americans want to discuss.
Frankly speaking, here we have two white people, Clinton and Sanders, who refuse to personally destroy each other on the campaign trail. Is it too much to ask for our local candidate to do the same? In the District 10 race, the move made by Thompson was an oddly desperate move to destroy the character of Demings amongst voters in the black community after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi endorsed Demings. What else could it be?

Oddly, the only current thing she linked it to was the Black Lives Matter movement yet the injured man was again, an 84-year old white man. Thompson’s move certainly doesn’t describe the character of Demings. Sure, it wasn’t an affair like Clinton, but the issue surrounding it was simple mudslinging. If this excessive force case meant that much to Thompson then why not lead the charge against the multi-excessive force cases against OPD right now by being just as vocal about these 23 excessive force cases as she is about this one that settled years ago?

The real reason is because she is not running against Chief Mina or any officers. She’s running against Congressional Candidate for District 10, Val Demings. Why is all this important to you and me? It’s important because it shows the character of Thompson. This is not a fight for the people, it’s her own personal fight for the congressional seat, otherwise, her sights would be set on the faulty agenda that holds Central Floridians back; especially black Central Floridians.

This kind of campaigning is what we all should think about when we go to the polls. And, let me be clear. I am not directly defending Chief Demings. I am directly defending YOU.

Those who are in the district need to hear the issues surrounding what will help them, not be witness to a mudslinging contest. It’s understood that no campaign is going to be nice, warm and fuzzy. We get that. However, attack the opposition on the issues because that’s what matters to us.

I don’t know about you but I couldn’t care any less about a settled case that happened years ago. I want to move forward and I would like to know how each person stands on the issues that matter to me and you and our families. Both candidates are running for U.S. Congress and the election will be held on August 30, 2016.

MEAC/SWAC Challenge HBCU Legends

MEAC/SWAC Challenge HBCU Legends

The MEAC/SWAC Challenge HBCU Legends Gala scores a Touchdown in Orlando
By Rhetta Peoples

Labor Day weekend is always a busy one in Central Florida. This year, the MEAC/SWAC Legends gala paid tribute to legendary graduates of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU).

Donnie Shell, L.C. Greenwood, Willie Jeffries and Monte Coleman were among the honorees. “Every year, the MEAC/SWAC Challenge Legends Award proves to be a remarkable representation of the contributions and successes across Historically Black Colleges & Universities,” said Pete Derzis, senior vice president, ESPN Events. Derzis continues, “We are delighted that in 2015 we will again enjoy an outstanding class, with four distinguished men whose careers in sports started at HBCUs.”

A press release by ESPN stated each honoree will receive an HBCU Trailblazer Award in recognition of the impact made to his or her respective career, community or alma mater.

A spokesperson from ESPN told Hype Orlando,“Since we established the Legends Award back in 2009, we did so to pay tribute to the extraordinary alumni who have used their respective MEAC and SWAC university education to bring excellence to the HBCUs. We couldn’t have dreamed that the event would grow to become truly one of the pillars of the weekend. This year’s class — Donnie Shell, Monte Coleman, Willie Jeffries and L.C. Greenwood – is a continuation of that, and we’re the ones who are honored to bring their stories to the schools and student athletes every year.”

ESPN SportsCenter anchor Jay Harris hosted the evening’s festivities which proved to be a celebration and lively recognition of a lifetime of work by each honoree.

Although college football and other sports are a hit in Central Florida, unfortunately, the MEAC/SWAC Weekend has struggled to build the kind of attendance numbers remotely close to the Florida Classic. ESPN’s spokesperson continues, “We have enjoyed being in Orlando for the past 8 years, and the City has been gracious hosts to this event. We know the future of the MEAC/SWAC Challenge is bright, having just extended our agreement with both conferences for another six years”.

Several fans agree having Florida teams battle it out will help boost the attendance. ESPN responded by not confirming that Florida teams will play next year but by stating, “We continue to work with both leagues to get the best two schools into next year’s game and hope that fans will be excited to come out and support.”

Regardless of the struggle to sell tickets and generate excitement around the game, the HBCU Legends were properly recognized for their hard work, achievements as well as the inspiration and empowerment they gave to others on and off the field.

Willie Jeffries, a former head football coach at South Carolina State, for almost 20 seasons total, was a recipient also. In addition to being the first black head coach of a NCAA Division 1A team, Jeffries’ professional career continued over a span of 5 seasons at Howard University and 5 seasons at Wichita State University.

L.C. Greenwood, who passed away in 2013, was recognized for his successful NFL career with the Pittsburg Steelers. Greenwood was a graduate of University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and his sister was on site to accept his award. In the late 60’s, Greenwood was named Ebony magazine’s All-American defensive lineman in the SWAC.

Donnie Shell, who also had a successful career with the Pittsburg Steelers and was a graduate of South Carolina State, was also among the honorees that night. Shell retired from the NFL and was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Monte Coleman, another honoree, certainly showed the game of football what success truly is. He was a linebacker that played for 16 seasons with the Washington Redskins and is now coach of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Just over a week ago, Arkansas Pine-Bluff posted a news release that Monte Coleman will be named to the Washington Redskins Ring of Fame.

All honorees took their leap of faith from an HBCU into a world filled with competition, rejection, excitement and honor. As the event concluded, Disney’s own legend, Mickey Mouse, joined the honorees on stage as their awards were presented.

From L to R: Anita Greenwood (Sister of L.C. Greenwood), Donnie Shell, Willie Jeffries and Monte Coleman

From L to R: Anita Greenwood (Sister of L.C. Greenwood), Donnie Shell, Willie Jeffries and Monte Coleman