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Open letter to Governor Rick Scott about State Attorney Aramis Ayala

There’s a letter floating around that is drafted to the Governor of Florida from some who say they are sick and tired of the politics of Aramis Ayala. The recent traffic stop by The Orlando Police Department that she calls racially motivated is making it’s rounds on social media, with the help of Orange and Osceola county taxpayers, and has actually been posted and supported by activist and Journalist Shaun King.

Below is a copy of the letter. Tell us your thoughts.

Dear Governor Rick Scott:

As a registered voter of the Ninth Judicial Circuit of Florida, I ask that you suspend Aramis Ayala from office and request the Senate review that suspension for impeachment.

While reasonable people can disagree on the death penalty as a policy issue, an elected official who swore to uphold the laws of the State of Florida should not be allowed to unilaterally cherry-pick which laws she will or will not follow. We ask that you remove her immediately and appoint someone of high legal stature, like the former Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Belvin Perry to take her place.

Aramis Ayala helped to disenfranchise over 500,000 voters that reside in Orange and Osceola counties during her election and she did not run on the platform of not enforcing the death penalty therefore she is not a duly elected officer of the court.

Helpful Source:

Ayala has spent over $1.4 million of money from George Soros to unfairly call her opponent, Jeff Ashton, a racist. Now, she has taken $17,000 of our money and paid a Public Relations firm to unfairly do the same to you for rightfully taking 24 death penalty cases from her. As aware and active voters, we take this kind of deception very seriously.

Helpful Source:

We also ask that you investigate her husband, David Ayala, and the money from George Soros, that was filtered into his non-profit organization which is supposed to help restore the rights of violent offenders.

Helpful Sources:

Finally, if the Supreme Court sides with you in the lawsuit she filed against you, her position will likely be to say she’ll look at each case on a case by case basis and decide if it is worthy of the death penalty. After her press conference in March and as a result of her own words, we do not believe she would have an epiphany and somehow now enforce the law.

Please do not let us down. We look forward to your action on this matter.


One of the 500,000 disenfranchised voters of Aramis Ayala

Sheriff Jerry Demings announces his candidacy for Orange County Mayor

Last Friday, Orange county Sheriff Jerry Demings announced his candidacy for the seat of Orange county mayor. Amongst a crowd of supporters and elected officials, Demings said, “I am overwhelmed by the tremendous show of support.” Demings continued, “after much prayer and deliberation and with the support of my family, I’m excited to announce my candidacy for Orange county mayor for the 2018 election cycle.”

U.S. Congresswoman Val Demings, introduced her husband putting her support behind him saying, “you all saw him during the time when four hurricanes, four, came through Orange county and he really led the response effort and recovery effort.” Demings was Sheriff not only when Orange county faced hurricanes but also when the Pulse tragedy happened last year.

Demings was first elected Sheriff in 2008 and was re-elected in 2012 and 2016. He was also the first African American Chief of Police in Orlando.

Current Mayor Theresa Jacobs will term out next year leaving the seat open for Orange county’s next new Mayor.

Many speculate who will run for Demings’ seat as Sheriff. Demings said he’s talked to some potential candidates for his seat but he declined name or to endorse anyone. There was some talk among the crowd that Orlando Police Chief John Mina is seriously considering a run for Sheriff.

Campaign rules require candidates to step down from seats such as Sheriff in order to campaign for another elected position. Demings said he will step down from his seat as Sheriff at the end of the year. However, the announcement formally put any other candidates thinking about running for the seat on notice and confirmed rumors claiming Demings would run.

Demings has spent 36 years in public service and tops the chart currently as the most experienced and recognizable candidate in the race to date. The primary election is scheduled for August 28, 2018 and the general election is set for November 6, 2018.

If racism could speak

If racism could speak, here’s what he’d say.

My name is Racism.

Although you know me well, you may not recognize me sometimes when you see me. Well, at least you act like you don’t.

You don’t even acknowledge me when you become one with me yet so many people of color long for you to see me, but my disguises are so well thought out. People of color point you out and shout my name and you say they’re playing the race card.

I am the part of you that turns your head when Black men and women are gunned down by officers unjustly, yet legally. I am the part of you that says nothing when a verdict of “not guilty” comes down for an Officer that murdered a person of color. That’s who I am.

I am the one who will jump in front of you and tell you to go protest at a women’s march, even though you haven’t protested or spoken out against the injustices that happened to Trayvon Martin, Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner and so many others. I tell you where to put your focus and you do it every time.

I am the political parties that will vet, recruit, run and coronate candidates so that they may spend time on pushing any and every type of bill through Congress with the exception of anything that has to do with the Black Lives Matter movement or justice for people of color. I disguise legislation and make it look like it’s a war between the rich and the poor when I know better.

Like a thief in the night, I steal that gut feeling from you that you get when you know your Black and Brown brothers and sisters cannot fight me alone.

I trick you into thinking Black law enforcement leaders and Black and Brown legislators can help stop the rage of white America but to tell you the truth, only a collective fight for changed laws will stop the hate that take and consume the lives of Black and Brown people in this country. Keep that between us for if they knew changed laws would eradicate me, they’d win.

I don’t want you to know this, but, I can even get Black and Brown people to think if they can only get white people to love or like them, that they’d be able to overcome racism. Truth is, it doesn’t matter if white people like, love or hate Black and Brown people because I can still beat the system. I can manipulate the mind to have someone kill a person of color and law will always be on my side if I can convince jurors to look closely at the law of these United States. See, in some places of the world, I don’t have as much power. Yet, in America, I am everything.

On the other hand, the two Black people who saved the lives of the all white legislators playing baseball last week threw me for quite a loop. I was hoping they would allow my colleagues, Death and Destruction, to creep in so that we could once again penetrate the thought process of so many.

Instead, they didn’t. They stepped in and helped. Since I couldn’t work my magic on them, I worked my magic on the 12 jurors in the Philando Castile case the same week and made sure that cop was acquitted.
I hate to admit it but I can’t get into the minds and hearts of every man and woman, but I can deter most. The white men in Portand, Oregon also shook me to my core when they stood up for a Muslim woman and a Black woman as I used another white man to hurl insults their way. I was in all my glory and here comes this Republican and Bernie Sanders supporter to their rescue. I was floored. Everyone who attacked me were white. I was stunned at their willingness to stand up to me and put their lives on the line without a moments notice. In London this week, a white man drove a van through a crowd of Muslim worshippers outside of a Mosque, killing at least one person. I’m growing fast abroad, too.

With the laws in America, I don’t even have to work hard because the Constitution defends me. With all the power it has, more than anything, I, racism, am protected under the law. I’m free to be me and there’s nothing you can do about it. Truth is, I’m keeping the lawmakers busy with the Russians so I’ll be here longer than you can ever imagine.

I’m the reason churches separate like oil and water each Sunday and I’ll drive a political wedge through the pulpit like a stake being driven through a vampire’s heart. I can do all this, even to the most liberal of people, because you don’t see me. You don’t see that I am fixated on you.

You deny me all to often declaring, “I’m no racist,” when in fact, you are so tangled with me, you keep people that look like you closest to you.

When you allow your human brethren to stand alone, you make my job so much easier and I’m forever grateful to you for that.

As I embark on another week, I want you to say who I am. I am racism. You and I are closer than you think. We’re more than friends. I’m a part of your mindset. You’d have to work far too hard each day to block me from taking over your mentality and you, white America, you just don’t have the strength to do that. So, instead of turning the other cheek, when you see or feel me, act like you know me. Even though you won’t be around, I’ll be here to introduce myself to your grandchildren and their children. I’ll get to your children while they are young through your unconscious biases.

I’m everywhere you don’t expect. I infiltrate places like the Democratic Party, those so-called liberal thinkers, to a point where they’ve made Black women the firewall which protects a racial agenda. Even the Florida Democratic Chair, Steven Bittel let out racially charged rhetoric this past weekend at a conference in South Florida saying, Black legislators just don’t get it and compared Black men elected by their communities to whiney Black babies. I could only let out a diabolical laugh when I heard the news and I continued to go about my cause.

There’s no doubt, I’m a villain and no matter what I can’t be killed. I’ve worked with the greatest of all time, like Hitler, Trump and David Duke and I realize that some peoples’ hearts will cut them short of going through with the true racist agenda I have plotted; people like those Portland men who will forever be martyred now, disgusts me. They likely didn’t have a racist bone in their bodies which means I need to get back on my job of creating that great racial divide that I’ve always put in the minds of even the most honorable people.

House Whip who pledged to dismantle Obamacare shot

A Congressman who pledged to dismantle Obamacare was shot early this morning in Alexandria, VA at a baseball game.

Rep. Scalise, who is also the Republican House Whip, is currently in surgery.

Several others were also shot at the game and their status is unknown at this time.

An eyewitness said, “An African American gentleman was shot in the leg,” yet he still took the shooter down.

Congressman Scalise’s website says he supports a full repeal of the “unconstitutional job-killing” Obamacare law.

Scalise also supports legislation that focuses on reducing frivolous lawsuits against physicians according to the house.Gov website.

Scalise is expected to survive the shooting and make a full recovery according to CNN reports.

Currently, Congress receives a health care package that will cover the atrocities of today’s shooting leaving the Congressman with little or no out of pocket expenses.

Unfortunately, most Americans do not have access to quality health care and the repeal of the Affordable Care Act or as it’s commonly called, “Obamacare,” this leaves more Americans in limbo when it comes to the healthcare of the citizens of the United States.

Democrats Shift Toward Conservatives

Nancy Pelosi made a statement a while back which led me to ‘assume,’ although I know, the party is looking for moderate conservatives, who are fed up with Trump and the Tea Party, to become part of the Democratic Party. Democrats are going as far as vetting, preparing, supporting and running candidates who are moderate conservatives.

A recent courting and public support of Mitt Romney, a Republican, supports this new chapter within the Democratic Party.

This is all because they refuse to support Progressive values and quite frankly, they are still salty with Senator Bernie Sanders for running a wildly successful campaign against Hillary Clinton and rallying people around the issues that matter to the majority of Americans. The fact that they are unwilling to truly help the people who need the most help says so much.

The Democratic Party appears unhappy with people rallying around the issues and that’s a major clue they are using us as a base they don’t intend to serve. Most of us are going along for the ride without truly knowing where we’re headed.

Let’s face it, it’s tough for poor and middle-class people to keep up on all the politics going on in America. We are working harder than anyone else, raising children, taking care of our parents and trying to keep up with our own health, well-being and daily lives. If you ask most people in the inner city neighborhoods what their primary concern is, it’s not Russian intelligence interfering in our elections.

The problems we are facing largely stem from the inaction of our political party and our Black organizations charged with being our voice.

For Democrat leaders to make such a bold move, some would think, Progressives and “Berniecrats” must be calling for some sort of radical ideals. These so-called left wing radicals prompted a mass exit, after the primary election last year. Many Progressives and unsatisfied Democrats moved away from the party after seeing how the party neglected the voices and the issues of the poor and middle-class people.

If fighting for cheaper prescription drug prices, better and affordable health care, taking a position and action on Black Lives Matter by writing bills to help protect us is too radical a position to take, then we’ve been misled.

It is by no means, too much to ask for basic human rights. Clean water is not a radical ideology. It’s a basic human right. It’s right and it’s the duty of the party and those who are groupies of the party, to act accordingly. Where were the Democrats on the poisoning of the water in Flint, Michigan before and after this tragedy? Where are they on changing the law to fit Black Lives Matter? How are they going to fight and assure people the Sabal Trail Pipeline will not poison our water supply and cause even more sinkholes?

We, black folk and we women, have been the firewall of the Democratic Party for years and enough is enough.
Among other things, we asked for the basic human necessities and the Democratic Party went out and backed Republican Mitt Romney in an effort court a conservative base.
In addition, the party doesn’t get to act like Black Lives Matter means less than marriage equality. That’s not ok. If the cause is great for someone, it should matter to all of us. These issues should be equally important in our party and we should act accordingly. The party doesn’t get to tell it’s base and firewall, it’s ride or die group of people, that mass incarceration or convicting Black men for non-violent crimes, are free labor and will significantly lower the labor pool, as Kamala Harris’ team so boldly spelled out in court.

At least, you don’t get to do that without a fight.

Two men murdered, one injured, defending Muslim women from racist attacker

In Portland, Oregon, a man shouted racist, anti-Muslim rhetoric at two Muslim women. According to police, 35-year old Jeremy Joseph Christian, who has prior convicted felonies, hurled hate speech at two women of color; one was wearing a hijab.
Three men intervened and tried to protect them by attempting to stop Christian from assaulting the women. Eyewitnesses say, one of those men was 53-year old Military veteran, Ricky John Best, who was stabbed to death on the scene of the confrontation by Christian.
The other two men were taken to the hospital where 23-year old Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche died. The third victim, 21-year old Micah David-Cole Fletcher was treated for non-life threatening injuries.
There is so much hate in this world, yet in the midst of it all these men stood for all that is good at a time when it was so very necessary to step up and do so. They did not cower nor hesitate when it came time to act. Instead, they put their lives on the line willingly and died as a result of protecting two Muslim women from this race and hate-filled man’s rampage.
All to often the press mentions the race of people involved in race-related incidents and this time should be no different. All of these men were white. The protectors and the suspect were white men. Three of those white men protected two Brown-Muslim women from what would likely have been a hate crime against them. The media should proudly display their pictures.
There has been an increase in hate crime in America as a result of Donald Trump’s rhetoric and many of his supporters. Some feel empowered to say and commit some of the most heinous crimes against people of color. When the President of the United States co-signs it and doesn’t denounce it, that too sends a clear message that it’s “ok” to act and attack people in such a despicable manner.
This must stop. We also cannot allow ourselves to put all white men into one demographic in our minds. There are hate-filled people that come in all races yet there are protectors across every color spectrum as well. We live in a time when some Americans believe all those associated with the Islam are terrorists. That kind of thinking is a threat to all Americans.

Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, Ricky John Best, American heroes

Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, Ricky John Best, American heroes

These brave and compassionate men should never be forgotten and there is no better time to recognize and remember them than this Memorial Day. So many soldiers are not on a traditional battlefield. They are in Anytown, USA fighting for people like you and me. These men are now victims at the hands of hate but in my eyes, they are not just that. They are heroes. Actually, they are superheroes to be quite accurate because, how they died is highly indicative of how they lived their lives. What a blessing it must have been to know them.

Dear Democrats

I know Clinton’s loss was an upset. I know some have yet to get over it. I know some may never get over it.

But, Jordan Edwards, a Black child, is dead because a White police officer shot and killed him either out of fear or hate.

In Anaheim, an officer won’t face charges for assault and attempted murder of a young Brown child.

We still have a jacked-up health care system that should already be a single-payer system and Democrats are more passionate about proving Trump conspired with the Russians than taking care of the American people.

Our seniors are still cutting their prescription medications in half, if they can buy them at all, while also trying to decide whether to pay their rent or buy medicine.

Our Vets are dying in VA hospitals while waiting for care.

Over 70% of Floridians voted for medical cannabis to be legalized and the state Congress has yet to enact a plan to give the voters what they want and need to treat ailments and illnesses themselves.

Democrats in Congress are voting against lower prescription drug prices and young people are drowning in debt over student loans.

There is STILL a Muslim Ban in America and racial and religious profiling happens everyday.

Democrats are voting against bills without having written one better than the one they’re voting against.

These are just snapshots of the issues that matter to us.

Democrats, you’re touting yourselves as the party of the people but you seem to have forgotten for whom you work.

On second thought, maybe you haven’t forgotten.

Maybe you are working for your true bosses and that’s big corporations.

Maybe, just maybe, our donations aren’t big enough for you to consider working for us as opposed to working for them. Maybe those companies Trump us on the amount of money given to your campaigns, but while you weren’t looking, you got Trumped. Literally. And you still are losing elections across this nation.

Here’s the real deal.

Black Lives Matter.

Our Elders matter.

Our economy matters and our health care and clean water is everything.

While you worry about Trump and the Russians, the Dakota Access Pipeline and other pipelines are still an issue.

In Florida, Democrat Congresswoman Corrine Brown was found guilty of corruption. While that is a black eye for the party, we, the people, have two black eyes, a worn-out back and a broken heart from trusting you. Yet, we have a fiery spirit.

We will not allow our Elders to be neglected.

We won’t allow Black Lives to NOT matter and we won’t stand for jacked-up health care.

We won’t just protest a Republican President and Congress.

We will stand up to you, too, our own party who we trusted to fight for us.

What we’ll do is primary each of you who neglect us by turning the world’s attention from the embarrassment of Clinton’s loss, to building upon the greatness we can do together as a unit.

Have fun in DC while it lasts, because if you are one of the Democrats who are neglecting us, we are coming for your seats.

See you soon,

Your constituents

From Columnist to Columnist

On last Friday, two of my friends and I, clicked the link to Scott Maxwell’s column about ’10 people in Orlando who are making the city a better place.’

I loved it.

My mouthy friend had already skimmed to the bottom of the article and said, ‘oh, is that the guy that called you and other women racist, woman-hating names?’ She was referring to a man who many of us know will slay women personally on social media with the most degrading and disgusting comments he can think of, if some disagree with his position. I read further, identified his name and said, “OMG yes!”

For the sake of this commentary, let’s refer to this person as “the guy.”
My friend said, ‘how in the hell is he making Orlando better when he can’t control his mouth, fires off racist and mysogynist remarks and has a history of assault on women?’ She was bending back her fingers one-by-one as if she was counting as she blurted out each “charge.” I agreed with her.

She was fire-hot-mad. Frankly, so was I. Yet, no part of me thought Maxwell knew about “the guy’s” rants and history.

So, I sent Maxwell a direct message on Facebook telling him I loved his column but there’s one name in there that makes me cringe and I cited why and sent proof. I guess I’ve read Maxwell’s columns enough to feel comfortable saying that. I was so wrong.

For the record, Maxwell did not cite him as one of the top 10 people, but he hinted at “the guy” being close to it, because he said some people had floated “the guy’s” name around as being a good candidate and that the Orlando Sentinel had covered some positive attempts at community issues or events in which “the guy” was involved.

Why am I ranting about all this? Stay with me. I’m getting there.

“The guy” I’m referring to used some of the worst names you can call a Black or Brown woman. To me, the name-calling he used was equivalent to calling a Black person the n-word and “the guy,” well, he’d pour salt in the wound by adding a touch of mysogynist verbiage to it to make sure those women, who didn’t agree with him, felt the sting.

For the record, the n-word and other remarks, including a word that degrades women, is what recently led to the resignation of Florida Senator, Frank Artiles further proving that words matter.

In addition, “the guy” has a history of physically abusing women, although the charges were dropped according to what Scott Maxwell wrote back.
When I put this in my direct message to Maxwell, we instantly started chatting back and forth, but it then led to a reaction I never saw coming.

He thanked me for my kind words about his column but immediately defended the abuser or “the guy” in this case, by saying they ran a background check after I sent him what I thought and that the alleged physical assault happened in 2005 and those charges were dropped. I didn’t know what year the assault happened but Maxwell checked me on it. However, the year still really didn’t matter to me; the assaults did.

Maxwell messaged me this: “I usually take issue with people who try to use dropped charges against candidates – or anyone really … especially as it is a tactic that disproportionately affects minorities and lower income folks. I understand you don’t care for him. And I appreciate background. But I’m also trying to live by standards i try to demand form (from) others.”

My jaw hit the floor. “Take issue?” I had a look on face as if I were a kid in the backseat of a car that had just passed by a sewage dump. My friend said, “what’d he say?” I said, “nothing.”

Scott Maxwell is one of my favorite columnists. He was a Jeopardy question for crying out loud. He’s a journalist’s hero or heroes.

Initially, I felt small, embarrassed and ashamed to have told him about “the guy,” yet, pissed that he played the race card in a discussion to defend the abuser and hadn’t stopped short once of defending the victim. Let me say that another way. He defended the abuser by questioning the victim because she had dropped the charges, all the while sitting with screenshots of “the guy” calling Black women “negro bed-wenches”.

Stick a fork in me, because I am so done.

This blame victims. I have to believe it’s often not intentional, but the damage can be huge whether someone is saying it intentionally or not.

With all my personality (good or bad) and passion, I felt small because I told him information that should have been known prior to writing a story on the 10 best people and sideways mentioning someone who we all whisper about but rarely shout out about. It’s the exact same thing we do, to defend offenders while making victims feel so much smaller.

This is wrong.

The mentality is something I may never understand.
I know people change their lives and try to become better, we all do, yet when an alleged crime happened by “the guy” in 2005 and women are still being attacked online by “the guy” just days ago, any reasonably sound person must ask themselves why highlight someone as a community leader who can’t control his emotions and feels this way about women?

But, Maxwell didn’t do that.

Instead, I got schooled on this happening to black people and middle income people.

My goal is not to bash Maxwell. My goal is to sound-off about what I’ve been writing about for weeks now. This is why so many victims don’t speak out. This is why victims drop charges against their abusers. This is why little things like words, matter.

How many people in Black & Brown communities drop charges on the abusers because they are afraid? Plenty do. How many remember Alex Zaldivar who was a witness to a crime and was set to testify and was murdered by the defendant? I’ve said this before and I’ll say it now, my first roommate in college was a victim. Her mother was murdered by a man she was dating and my roommate witnessed it, as a child. That man was incarcerated for a short time but then released because he had turned his life around.

My roommate would go back to her home city on the holidays and certain weekends and would run into her Mother’s killer in the grocery store, often. The damage that did to her family was immeasurable and I hope no one ever suffers like that. I am confident, many women who have been abused have dropped charges against their abuser at least once and I know I don’t need to remind you that some victims of domestic violence have been murdered.
The fact that my roommate’s Mother was a black woman makes me want to challenge the opposition that much more.

In the case of “the guy,” I don’t know if the victim dropped the charges or if the state dropped them, but the victim absolutely could have been terrified.

Let’s face it, in our politically correct world, no one really stands for victims. We give them the side-eye if they claim they’ve been wronged and I’ll never understand why many liberals are not standing up for the good, law-abiding, victims in the Central Florida community.

This exchange led me to think about the black man that was shot in the face by another black man on Easter Sunday. The murder was broadcasted live on Facebook. If that killer would have come out alive, many liberals would be fighting for him if he so much as said he’s changed his life for the better.

I understand we want to defend people who are black and have had run-ins with the law and claim to have changed their lives for the better. I get it. But, if they truly have changed, it should show in their behavior.

I challenge all of us to think about the victim on the receiving end of their actions, regardless of whether an attack physically happened in 2005 or just last week via an exchange of words on social media.

I figured, from columnist to columnist, Maxwell just didn’t know. There are issues in our communities we know must be addressed. We absolutely must recognize injustices and racial disparities. I don’t need that speech. Especially, not from a white guy. What I need is simple understanding of what the other side of the aisle thinks, feels, believes and knows to be truth.

Nina Simone once said, “I tell you what freedom is to me: no fear.” That’s what it means to me, too. I don’t want to fear a community that I love so deeply.

I’d rather raise-up those who are truly doing the best they can to respect and value us all. As Black women, we wear a lot of crowns and take a lot of crap from all sorts of people with all kinds of beliefs. The last thing we need is our own Brothers tearing us down and victims voices to be silent.

While some fight for offenders and offenders who have changed their lives, I am but one voice of many that will speak out also on behalf of victims to a point of no concern about whether it offends a violent offender. There are innocent people tied-up in our justice system and they should be the first group of people we fight to free. There are those who have non-violent offenses and we should fight for their freedom, too. I will, forever stand against those who are violent toward us, regardless of the color of their skin and with all due respect, I don’t need a lesson from a white man to teach me about the racial disparities that I know all too well.

Should the Democratic Party Support Aramis Ayala by suing Governor Rick Scott?

Should the Democratic Party support Aramis Ayala by launching a lawsuit on her behalf against Governor Rick Scott?

Someone asked this question, in our social media group, The Black Politico

My response was why would they? Why in the world would the Democratic Party co-sign the hot mess Ayala has made? They should NOT defend her stance.

She doesn’t speak for all Democrats although her positioning seems to imply that she does.

By the way, she certainly doesn’t speak for me.

Ayala has run “game” on Central Florida voters and is now having people rally behind her when they should be rallying behind each other.

She’s made this about her. It’s not. It’s about our communities.

She shouldn’t be using our people to save her job.

She shouldn’t be pushing people to call their representatives and senators to ask them to support her. If anything, we should be calling our representatives and senators to ask them to support us.

Ayala & her position shoves one of the most important offices in Orlando to side with Public Defenders. In case she’s not quite sure, a State Attorney’s position is to be a “rough neck OG” for victims, not a politician who’s sensitive to the desires of people who sell drugs, rape and murder our people.

Remember George Zimmerman, the infamous man who shot Trayvon Martin?

Ayala is standing for the George Zimmerman’s of this community.

Our response to that should be hell-to-the no.

She mentioned “violent rape”. What rape isn’t violent?

On a radio show, Ayala mentioned she is now getting death threats. If that’s the case, people should not do that. That solves nothing and makes those in opposition look awful. Although, I don’t agree with what she did, how she did it and her stance, no one deserves to be threatened.

However, she’s lied to us before. We must ask ourselves, if she is getting threats did she call the police and document it accurately, in an effort to find out who’s doing it? Those people should be caught if that’s true. Otherwise, if she didn’t call the police about it, is she really getting death threats?

The NAACP and other organizations fight for people wrongfully convicted and that’s fantastic. We need that kind of fight.

But, who’s fighting for victims? Certainly not the State Attorney in Orange and Osceola county and that’s partly what all this noise is about.

This community should be scrounging up bus fare to send Ayala back to Michigan on the next thing rolling up there.

I’ve witnessed people become victims and they’ve had to sit by with absolutely no recourse, bury their loved ones, live with their trauma and become too afraid to become a witness in anything.

Ayala is lenient on crime and is refusing to enforce Florida law.

Ayala’s time would be better spent launching a campaign to protect undocumented immigrants so they can be witness to heinous crimes while being in a sanctuary.

If anyone I know and love including the readers of this post and the people in The Black Politico, God forbid, become victims of violent crime, I’ll be shouting to the top of my lungs for that violator to at least sit before a judge and jury with the thought of death on his or her mind.

That’s the law.

And that’s what she swore to uphold.

You should be safe and the law should always be on the side of good, law-abiding, people.

One thing makes me sad in all of this and it’s the headline and narrative she propelled and that read as, The First Black State Attorney removed from cases by Governor Rick Scott.

This was not about removing power or cases from a Black State Attorney. It was about removing cases from a  State Attorney who drafted a policy that superseded the law. Playing the race card is an act of desperation. Race is such a sensitive issue that if it is a problem, we deserve to be believed. This makes it harder for white people to understand the struggle of what Black professionals actually face when we whip out the race card without evidence of it being so.

Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi are 100% right both legally and morally to take on this fight. Whether I agree with all the Governor has done or not, he is a “governing governor” and he will act on what he knows to be right for this state.

I’m confident, Scott and Bondi will be the victors and so will the people of the state Scott has worked so hard to grow and protect.

President Donald Trump attacks Syria without Congressional approval

President Donald Trump initiated a ban on Syrian refugees almost immediately after taking office.

Last week Syria’s President Assad used chemical weapons to attack his own people.

Trump’s response to Assad’s attack was to attack Syria with Tomahawk missiles. The American attack on Syrian soil left 7 dead and 9 civilians wounded.

Trump didn’t seek Congressional approval before he launched the attack on Syria.

At her open house this past weekend, Representative Val Demings said President Trump should have sought approval from Congress before he attacked.

She’s right.

This was an atrocity committed by President Assad however, If President Trump is able to make decisions to launch missiles without Congressional approval, we’re in trouble.

Impeachment could be a response to Trump’s actions, but for now, the damage is done in more ways than one.

There are Syrian civilians who died in that attack and some whose lives will be forever altered because they are now wounded.

This is war although it has not been officially declared.

Most importantly, the issue of making a decision that is outside of the realm of what this country has put on paper should scare many. If we attacked Syrian civilians, what would stop Assad from doing the same in America? On social media, a man raised the question, what if another country bombed us for poisoning the people of Flint, Michigan?
As far fetched as that may sound, that is along the same lines of what Assad did to his people.

God forbid, but what if we, American civilians, were attacked on our soil, in the same manner that led us to flame-up Syrian civilians? Does it even make any sense to attack the very same people who are actually victims? Syrians now are the target of their own country and ours. To make matters worse, we have put a ban on Syrian refugees for fear they are radicalized people who want to kill us.

Does that make sense to you?

We killed and wounded innocent civilians last week simply to send a message to Assad. Well, he seems to want his citizens dead, too, so aren’t we just helping him do that? There are plenty of other ways to get Assad than to take innocent livesSocial media post on Flint vs Syria crisis, especially when the very reason we say we attacked them was to save innocent lives.