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Will a ban list for guns really change anything?

Last year, the US military has started a list of more than 4,000 people who have been dishonorably discharged from the military and banned from having guns. “Good people will turn in their guns and bad people will keep them.” Someone said this to me years ago when I attended a gun “buy back” drive in Central Florida. The goal of this campaign was for law enforcement to get the community to trade in their guns for a brand new pair of sneakers. For the most part, the program was successful. However, it does not expound on how many people were giving up only one of many of their weapons.

An ex US-Airman walked into a church in Texas last November and shot over two dozen worshipping people. Does anyone truly think that if this man was on a ban list that he would not have done this unspeakable act? What about the Las Vegas shooter? Would he have not committed the unthinkable had he been on a gun ban list? Would the Pulse shooter, who killed 49 people, have thought twice about the massacre he was about to commit had he been on a ban list. The answer is a big, fat no. The Sandy Hook shooter? The answer is still no. It certainly wouldn’t have stopped the man who shot a handful of congressional leaders in Virginia at a baseball game.

Guns are too entrenched in American society for a list to regulate who may or may not have a gun. Now, we are so accustomed to guns in America that we are hardened emotionally when a mass shooting flashes across the television screen. Gun lobbyists and the NRA are too adamant about their position to declare guns dangerous.

Jordan Davis, a black teen, was killed in Jacksonville for playing his music too loudly by an aggressive, drunk, white man who very well could have gotten off the hook had this not been an emotionally strong, post Trayvon Martin society. Florida couldn’t take yet another black teen being gunned down at the hands of a white man taking issues that could have easily been avoided into their own hands.

Guns are a huge problem in America with more than 300 mass shootings in 2017 alone yet there are no real moves being made to stop the shootings besides a ban list that is destined to fail. What America needs is an aggressive campaign to first make sure people who have severe mental problems do not get their hands on a gun.

There should also be a limit to how many guns a person can own. The Las Vegas shooter had an arsenal of guns as if he were a one man military. In addition, assault rifles should not be in the hands of any American.

Assault weapons are made for military combat and no one on the street is in military combat so why in the world is it legal to have access to something that can kill mass numbers of people at any given moment.

America is often thought of as a leader however this is a time when we can take direction from other countries, like Canada, who have low to no gun violence at all.

If we are all to make this world as safe as it can be, then it is our mission to be as aggressive as we can about the use of guns in America.

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