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Two men murdered, one injured, defending Muslim women from racist attacker

In Portland, Oregon, a man shouted racist, anti-Muslim rhetoric at two Muslim women. According to police, 35-year old Jeremy Joseph Christian, who has prior convicted felonies, hurled hate speech at two women of color; one was wearing a hijab.
Three men intervened and tried to protect them by attempting to stop Christian from assaulting the women. Eyewitnesses say, one of those men was 53-year old Military veteran, Ricky John Best, who was stabbed to death on the scene of the confrontation by Christian.
The other two men were taken to the hospital where 23-year old Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche died. The third victim, 21-year old Micah David-Cole Fletcher was treated for non-life threatening injuries.
There is so much hate in this world, yet in the midst of it all these men stood for all that is good at a time when it was so very necessary to step up and do so. They did not cower nor hesitate when it came time to act. Instead, they put their lives on the line willingly and died as a result of protecting two Muslim women from this race and hate-filled man’s rampage.
All to often the press mentions the race of people involved in race-related incidents and this time should be no different. All of these men were white. The protectors and the suspect were white men. Three of those white men protected two Brown-Muslim women from what would likely have been a hate crime against them. The media should proudly display their pictures.
There has been an increase in hate crime in America as a result of Donald Trump’s rhetoric and many of his supporters. Some feel empowered to say and commit some of the most heinous crimes against people of color. When the President of the United States co-signs it and doesn’t denounce it, that too sends a clear message that it’s “ok” to act and attack people in such a despicable manner.
This must stop. We also cannot allow ourselves to put all white men into one demographic in our minds. There are hate-filled people that come in all races yet there are protectors across every color spectrum as well. We live in a time when some Americans believe all those associated with the Islam are terrorists. That kind of thinking is a threat to all Americans.

Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, Ricky John Best, American heroes

Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, Ricky John Best, American heroes

These brave and compassionate men should never be forgotten and there is no better time to recognize and remember them than this Memorial Day. So many soldiers are not on a traditional battlefield. They are in Anytown, USA fighting for people like you and me. These men are now victims at the hands of hate but in my eyes, they are not just that. They are heroes. Actually, they are superheroes to be quite accurate because, how they died is highly indicative of how they lived their lives. What a blessing it must have been to know them.

Dear Democrats

I know Clinton’s loss was an upset. I know some have yet to get over it. I know some may never get over it.

But, Jordan Edwards, a Black child, is dead because a White police officer shot and killed him either out of fear or hate.

In Anaheim, an officer won’t face charges for assault and attempted murder of a young Brown child.

We still have a jacked-up health care system that should already be a single-payer system and Democrats are more passionate about proving Trump conspired with the Russians than taking care of the American people.

Our seniors are still cutting their prescription medications in half, if they can buy them at all, while also trying to decide whether to pay their rent or buy medicine.

Our Vets are dying in VA hospitals while waiting for care.

Over 70% of Floridians voted for medical cannabis to be legalized and the state Congress has yet to enact a plan to give the voters what they want and need to treat ailments and illnesses themselves.

Democrats in Congress are voting against lower prescription drug prices and young people are drowning in debt over student loans.

There is STILL a Muslim Ban in America and racial and religious profiling happens everyday.

Democrats are voting against bills without having written one better than the one they’re voting against.

These are just snapshots of the issues that matter to us.

Democrats, you’re touting yourselves as the party of the people but you seem to have forgotten for whom you work.

On second thought, maybe you haven’t forgotten.

Maybe you are working for your true bosses and that’s big corporations.

Maybe, just maybe, our donations aren’t big enough for you to consider working for us as opposed to working for them. Maybe those companies Trump us on the amount of money given to your campaigns, but while you weren’t looking, you got Trumped. Literally. And you still are losing elections across this nation.

Here’s the real deal.

Black Lives Matter.

Our Elders matter.

Our economy matters and our health care and clean water is everything.

While you worry about Trump and the Russians, the Dakota Access Pipeline and other pipelines are still an issue.

In Florida, Democrat Congresswoman Corrine Brown was found guilty of corruption. While that is a black eye for the party, we, the people, have two black eyes, a worn-out back and a broken heart from trusting you. Yet, we have a fiery spirit.

We will not allow our Elders to be neglected.

We won’t allow Black Lives to NOT matter and we won’t stand for jacked-up health care.

We won’t just protest a Republican President and Congress.

We will stand up to you, too, our own party who we trusted to fight for us.

What we’ll do is primary each of you who neglect us by turning the world’s attention from the embarrassment of Clinton’s loss, to building upon the greatness we can do together as a unit.

Have fun in DC while it lasts, because if you are one of the Democrats who are neglecting us, we are coming for your seats.

See you soon,

Your constituents