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Prince: Celebrating the Life of a Legend

Last week, the world lost a modern-day Mozart. A talent that comes along once in a lifetime, died under mysterious circumstances in his home called Paisley Park, a place where he lived, produced music and music videos.

Prince, which was in fact his birth name, was a musician that is respected and admired by so many people across the globe.

Thursday, Prince was found dead in the elevator in his home in Minnesota. He was last seen on Wednesday night around 8pm when he was dropped off at his home. However, earlier last week, Prince’s plane had to make an emergency landing because he was sick with the flu. Reports say, Prince was rushed to a hospital and then released. The following day, he was dead.

When the news of Prince’s sudden death broke, fans began to leave purple balloons, cards, notes and flowers outside of his home and production studio. His friends and fellow musicians began to speak with the big news outlets explaining how Prince did a concert at the Fox Theater on Friday in Atlanta and was his magnificent self. The great musicians of our time like Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Angela Davis and others spoke and paid tribute to Prince both in sadness and shock.

Dave Chappelle made America laugh with his skit he and Charlie Murphy developed about Prince and a “secret” basketball game at Paisley Park. Chappelle, who was a fan of Prince, said he was so distraught when he learned about Prince’s death that he almost canceled his comedy show that night in San Francisco. Chappelle told the crowd, “this is the black 9/11,” describing the death of Prince as such a major shock to the black community.

Thursday night, people poured into the streets of Harlem celebrating Prince’s life by dancing and singing to his hits while Spike Lee helped host the impromptu event on CNN.

Michaela Angela Davis described Prince as a “Pimp, Prophet and a Protestor.” Prince developed sexy girl bands before it was cliche in the music industry to do so. He highlighted the talent of women like Wendy and Lisa that helped to form, “The Revolution” and Vanity, Shelia E. and Apollonia among others. He also gave ballerina Misty Copeland her big break into the entertainment industry. Vanity ironically died earlier this year also at the age of 57 due to kidney failure.

Prince was a Jehovah’s Witness and his church said he used his celebrity status to bring people to Christ. The church also said he would walk and knock on doors to tell people about his religion right along with the other members. In church, he wasn’t described as a superstar but as just another one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

It has always been so easy for most of us who appreciate the arts to put Prince on a pedestal. He didn’t just play 27 instruments, he mastered them. He sang, danced and kept his body in shape so that he could always perform at his very best.

When performing live, he gave his fans more than just a show. Prince in concert was an event! He cared about other people, what happened in the world around him and what beef rappers had against each other. He opened dialogue with the artists to dispel those quarrels.

Prince is one-of-a-kind. He opened doors for so many including Florida A&M University’s Marching 100. The world would be hard-pressed to find another artist as talented as he. He set the bar high for anyone trying to be in the music industry but most of all, he fought hard to make sure that artists have ownership of their own music as opposed to the record labels and promoters getting the bulk of the money that is due those who write, perform and create their own music that mesmerizes the masses just as Prince so gracefully did.

Problems still linger around Congresswoman Corrine Brown

Congresswoman Corrine Brown is accused of conspiring to commit fraud by using campaign funds for personal purposes and improperly soliciting charitable donations along with other allegations.

Carla Wiley, Director of the non-profit organization, “One Door for Education,” plead guilty to fraud and agreed to fully cooperate with federal prosecutors. Wiley will also be sentenced on June 13th for the crime.

Brown is linked to the organization that collected $800,000 dollars in donations since 2012 and only gave out a scholarship for $1000 within the same time frame. Wiley also transferred $140,000 into her own bank account.

Brown told the media, “I am clean.” However, allegations surfaced that Brown used letterhead or a logo representing the United States House of Representatives to align herself and the House of Representatives to a fundraiser golf tournament in Virginia, where the organization is based.

Allegations also surfaced that the organization hosted events for Brown and that Brown also wrote letters encouraging donors to send in money.

Some of Wiley’s statements led some to believe the trail of funds or the benefits lead back to Brown or an unnamed official.

Last month, the House of Representatives ethics committee voted to investigate Brown and her affiliation with this group.

Redistricting is also giving Congresswoman Brown a tough run at re-election. Last July, a Florida Supreme Court Judge ruled the congressional district Brown has served in for years, violated the “Fair Districts” standards approved by voters 6 years ago.

Although there were more districts involved in the gerrymandering case, Brown’s district may garner the most change for people of color.

Once the new maps were drawn and approved, it spelled disaster for Brown, her district and her upcoming election.

Last week, television stations caught up with the Congresswoman and she said, “this is not acceptable the way this is working,” in regards to the investigation process.

As reporters pressed her for information, she continued, “Do you think if I hired a team of attorneys and they tell me to zip it, or else, they would divorce me, I don’t know what you think I am gonna say!”

As for the most important of them all, Brown’s constituents, she spoke on their behalf saying, “They don’t have any questions for me, because they know me.”

Bill Clinton rallies for Hillary; Puts his foot in his mouth

If most Black people don’t see the Clintons for what they are by now, they never will.

Bill Clinton spoke at a rally last week as a surrogate for his wife, Hillary Clinton. Today, he’s still trying to wedge his foot out of his mouth by ‘almost apologizing’ for his tirade.

A Black Lives Matter supporter shouted at Clinton during the rally and he launched a full court press calling the woman a “girl” while defending his position on the 1994 crime bill that incarcerated an overwhelming number of Black Americans. Bill Clinton was completely self-serving in his response, shouting down the woman defending Black Lives Matter, in the crowd. What Bill Clinton didn’t dispatch from his mouth was the issue of privatized prisons.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, the Clintons are notorious for being mean, wicked and nasty to those who don’t share their same ideologies and if you dispute their decisions, they go into finger-pointing, chicken-necking, bully-beast, mode. Exhibit A is the finger-pointing monster that reared it’s ugly head from Hillary Clinton’s body at a rally a couple of weeks ago in early April. When a Greenpeace activist asked her if she accepted fossil fuel money for her campaign, Hillary pointed her finger in the woman’s face and shouted, as if she was getting ready to attack her Jerry Springer style at any given moment. She also went off on a young black woman for not sharing her same ideology. That, in itself, is not presidential.

When a South Carolina Representative yelled to President Obama, “you lie,” the President did not respond in such a way as Hillary did with those who disagree with her. When Governor Jan Brewer pointed her finger in President Obama’s face, he did not let the nation see him sweat. Even though we die-hard supporters of the President wanted to throw a chair at the head of the finger-pointing governor and the congressman to protect our President, he remained Presidential and kept his cool.

There are also pretty solid rumors of Hilary Clinton being insubordinate to President Obama. Those rumors are not hard to swallow as she made it clear when she campaigned against him that she had no respect for the then Senator Obama and she followed it up by resigning before the term was up as Secretary of State in his administration. For the record, Benghazi was not the reason she resigned. If so, and as I regurgitate the words she used during the Benghazi hearing, “what difference does it make, now?”

Bill Clinton took the rally shouting match against the Black Lives Matter activist exactly where he wanted it to go and that was AWAY from the issue of the privatization of prisons. See, private prisons are for profit corporations and yielded wealth for the Clintons. Each Black body that fell victim to that crime bill paid with their lives over and over again.

There was money to be made from each prisoner. With Black men being incarcerated at a rate of almost 5 times that of white men, there is plenty of money to be made, with very little pushback. There is even additional money to be made if those prisoners are sick or die while incarcerated. If you think the buying and selling of baby parts by Planned Parenthood is the only sick body organ scandal going on in America, then you’ll be surprised to know, if a prisoner is sick or dies, their body; their organs are property of the state or the prison. The state or the prison can then sell those body parts to companies for clinical trials. Prisoners and their families have no rights under the law regarding what happens to their bodies – dead or alive.

Sadly, these prisons have monthly quotas to meet based on occupancy. If one of these prisons doesn’t have many prisoners, tax payers may have to foot the bill and pay for any empty beds inside that prison. Some of these prisons guarantee a 80-100% occupancy rate. How and where do they get those prisoners? So glad you asked. Look around the prisons and you’ll be able to tell. The prisoners are just as Black and Brown as I.

Bill Clinton shouted back at the Black Lives Matter activist saying, ‘Obama is trying to fix it and let ‘em out now, but…’ Fix what? Glad you asked again! He could have only been referring to the mess made by himself (Bill Clinton) and his wife, Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The lobbying firms for private prisons spent millions of dollars convincing lawmakers to join in on this private prison money-maker. GEO and Corrections Corporations of America have given more than $10 million to campaigns. In 2015, they made over $3 billion in annual revenue. Talk about modern day slavery.

During Clinton’s presidency, the prison population more than doubled following the 1994 crime bill. At the rally last week, the Black Lives Matter activist had every right to protest the stories Bill Clinton told in support of his wife from the podium. For those who claim it was his administration that did all this and not Hillary, then why is he stomping as a surrogate for her? And don’t be fooled into thinking she was a “do-nothing First Lady”.

The Clinton’s have always acted as Republicans in this manner and their biggest support system is still from Black people and I’ll never understand why.