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Donald Trump is not a Republican & Republicans should be angry

If you get nothing from this commentary, please get this next sentence.

We are watching the Tea Party run the Republican side of this election season.

The Republican party was used, suckered, pimped into giving up their chance at having a front-runner and in the midst, the Tea Party moved in on the Republican Party like a lazy relative, with no job, that needs a place to stay.

Unfortunately, Republicans said nothing to get that lazy relative out of their space. They kindly hoped he would fall off and no one would take him seriously. Frankly, so did I. Yet, the Tea Party used the Republican party to push their candidate out front and guess what, they’re winning. The Tea Party is winning; not the Republican party. This race has a Democratic front-runner and a Tea Party front runner.

If Trump wins the nomination, there will be no Republican in the race once we get down to the nominees and after New Hampshire, more will have to fall out of the race because of the Tea Party’s candidate.

What a dirty way to get in the game, right?

What’s incredible is the Tea Party is not ashamed nor do they think twice before pushing out rhetoric and pictures that are racist.

That’s no republican speaking folks. That’s the Tea Party in it’s full and creepy, backwards-thinking glory.

In response, the Tea Party will swear to you they are not radically racist people. Unfortunately, they allow Donald Trump to spew his racists words against Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, while he degrades and uses our Veterans, women and the disabled to his advantage.

Trump elevated himself in this race not because he’s loved and respected by the masses but because there are so many people in this world that adamantly agree with his racial viewpoints. One woman at his rally said she believes Obama is racist towards white people and he only favors “The Blacks”.

These people also have front row seats to his shenanigans because he threw himself into a race as a Republican when he should have run as a Tea Party candidate. Trump can mouse around with politics because he has quite a bit of money to fund himself. In 2016, when the voting power of all those he degraded is more powerful, there’s still a group of your neighbors and mine, that support Trump and his actions.

When Black and Brown children are being taunted in school because of their race or religion, this Trump-loving group or American adults find it entertaining, funny and they sit back and allow it to happen and continue. They don’t even speak out against the terrible actions done to children as a result.

What makes this sickening is what we unfortunately have to witness this from people we call our friends and neighbors. Just watch what they post on social media and listen to what they say.

Most of all, Republicans should be downright angry that they were used by the Tea Party to get ahead. In Florida, Democrats generally may have not agreed with the policies and procedures of Governor Jeb Bush or Governor Rick Scott, but some Democrats even mention they have never seen a Republican act this way before.

The Tea Party is a political party that should have had enough gumption to stand on their own and not ride the backs of the Republican party and its base.

Trump pushed out the Republicans that had a chance and more than anything, the Republican base should be outraged.

They were used, bullied, taken over by a group of people that do not completely share their ideals and values.

The money supporters put behind the Republican candidates they believed in, should have never had to share the stage with a Tea Party candidate in disguise. Those supporters of Trump like Sarah Palin and her crew dogged the Republican Party and its voters.

The Republican party will now silently lose so much respect from those who are Black and Brown that supported the agenda of Republicans because they believed in the conservative values. Governor Rick Perry and former Presidential Candidate, is the only one that had enough sense to realize this was going in a direction in which it should not and he gracefully bowed-out of the race early on.

Trump has redefined being a modern day, rich, racist in America. It has sadly allowed this man to rise to the top of the Republican party. A party which he does not belong. He belongs in the party he is silently representing and it’s about time someone called him on the carpet and slammed him back into the group of racists from which he came.

As long as Black and Brown people, women, our Veterans and the disabled are sitting on the sidelines asking for a handout, these chumps are fine, but the moment they have benefits in place to help them pull themselves up to upper-class or upper middle class Americans, Trump and his followers will tear them down with no second thought.

What we can do about it is vote. Vote often and vote with passion. Regardless of your party affiliation, speak up about this injustice to the Republican Party because as Martin Luther King, Jr said, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” In this case, that statement is true for all Americans.


Tea Party & Donald Trump

Geraldine Thompson takes an odd, sloppy swing at Chief Val Demings

Geraldine Thompson takes an odd, sloppy swing at Chief Val Demings

Geraldine Thompson made a statement about District 10 Candidate Chief Val Demings regarding an excessive force case that happened while Demings was in office over six years ago.

Thompson said she was working with the NAACP on legislation that would require FDLE to investigate uses of police force that results in death or serious bodily harm and then cited a case where a man involved in an altercation with the Orlando police was injured and settled his case.

She then added that incident was on Demings watch. The story started to unfold and the Black Lives Matter movement was thrown in the mix in what appeared to be a sloppy attempt to confuse black voters. But, the man in the case Thompson mentioned is an 84-year old white man.

The case is old and it’s over. Yet, currently we are witness to a sitting police chief that has excused excessive force against black people right here in Orlando.

However, Thompson didn’t call that out. She called-out a former black, female police chief that actually has a stellar record. Being afraid to question and if need be, attack (not physically, of course) the source of the current problem is something our leaders must be able to do effectively. When there are 23 inexcusable, excessive force cases under the current leadership now and a candidate takes a shot at someone who previously led that force instead of the current leader is frankly a cowardly move.

As we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King this month, we should all take a good look at our strategies against our own people, especially those looking to lead our communities. Not only that, we should take a good look at how we treat each other and that includes what we say to each other and how we say it. During the Democratic debate last Sunday, Bernie Sanders refused to bring into question the past indiscretions of Hillary Clinton’s husband, President Bill Clinton.

Sanders almost emotionally embraced and protected her from the firestorm that is already brewing to use the former President’s affair(s) as a public relations target in an effort to shy people away from voting for her. Sanders’ move was not only classy but it was right. It was also the ethical thing to do. Most of all, he stayed on the issues that Americans want to discuss.
Frankly speaking, here we have two white people, Clinton and Sanders, who refuse to personally destroy each other on the campaign trail. Is it too much to ask for our local candidate to do the same? In the District 10 race, the move made by Thompson was an oddly desperate move to destroy the character of Demings amongst voters in the black community after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi endorsed Demings. What else could it be?

Oddly, the only current thing she linked it to was the Black Lives Matter movement yet the injured man was again, an 84-year old white man. Thompson’s move certainly doesn’t describe the character of Demings. Sure, it wasn’t an affair like Clinton, but the issue surrounding it was simple mudslinging. If this excessive force case meant that much to Thompson then why not lead the charge against the multi-excessive force cases against OPD right now by being just as vocal about these 23 excessive force cases as she is about this one that settled years ago?

The real reason is because she is not running against Chief Mina or any officers. She’s running against Congressional Candidate for District 10, Val Demings. Why is all this important to you and me? It’s important because it shows the character of Thompson. This is not a fight for the people, it’s her own personal fight for the congressional seat, otherwise, her sights would be set on the faulty agenda that holds Central Floridians back; especially black Central Floridians.

This kind of campaigning is what we all should think about when we go to the polls. And, let me be clear. I am not directly defending Chief Demings. I am directly defending YOU.

Those who are in the district need to hear the issues surrounding what will help them, not be witness to a mudslinging contest. It’s understood that no campaign is going to be nice, warm and fuzzy. We get that. However, attack the opposition on the issues because that’s what matters to us.

I don’t know about you but I couldn’t care any less about a settled case that happened years ago. I want to move forward and I would like to know how each person stands on the issues that matter to me and you and our families. Both candidates are running for U.S. Congress and the election will be held on August 30, 2016.

Going past Circus World meant the world to this kid

Photo courtesy of Rhetta Peoples

Photo courtesy of Rhetta Peoples

Photo courtesy of Rhetta Peoples

Photo courtesy of Rhetta Peoples

I would sit in the back of my Dad’s blue Dodge racing car that had a loud muffler as we drove from Tampa to Orlando every other weekend. My Dad, a big man who stood 6-feet, 5- inches tall and rarely smiled, affectionately named this car “hips,” which tickled me and my sister each time he said it in his deep voice. We traveled to Orlando via the interstate and religiously passed Circus World on I-4.

Circus World had a huge rollercoaster that I could see as we drove by and no matter what side of the car I was sitting on when we started the drive, I would end up on the closest side to Circus World. It was torture because all we could do was “look” at it as we passed by. At that time, we didn’t have enough money to go to a theme park like that. I was only about 5 or 6 years old and another attraction could have easily grabbed my attention too if it were close-by.

However, Circus World was the only place along the highway that was made for a kid. It stopped the slow drag of tree after tree and highway sign after highway sign. I could sense when we were getting near it. As we got closer, I would stretch my eyes even wider than they already are, as if that would help me see it faster than I realistically could. The rollercoaster looked to be a wooden style coaster that only a giant could have built. A coaster that I knew if I got anywhere near it, I would back-out at the last minute. It went way up as if it were in the clouds and then would drop down at an angle. If the windows were down in my Dad’s car and the muffler wasn’t too loud that day, we could hear the riders screaming in sheer delight as the coaster fell towards the bottom of that big hill they were sitting on.

I wanted to go to Circus World so badly, just to see what else was there that would peak my interest. I mean, if this roller coaster could entice me from the interstate then I just knew the entire “world” there would have me running from the parking lot to the entrance like the Griswold’s at Wally World.

During the drive past Circus World, I would hang my head out of the window like a puppy while hanging onto the glass of the window because my Dad would only let it down a little more than halfway. I could feel the hair bows on the ends of my twisted ponytails hit the sides of my face as the wind rushed in and my eyes were as big as quarters.

My sister would double-dog dare me saying, “I bet you won’t ride that rollercoaster.” Each time she said it, she would always whisper it to me as if it were some big secret. “Hey Rhetta, I bet you won’t ride that rollercoaster.” She would say it at least twice and as she held her half-dressed, Barbie doll in her hand, combing the dolls hair as she did so often. I was defensive, yelling back, “Oh yes I will,” trying hard to respond loud enough so that my Dad would hear it and discourage her from teasing me. He never did. But, when I shouted back I could see his eyes in the rear view mirror looking at us. His eyes looked like he had a smile on his face. I don’t know for sure. I don’t know if he wanted to take us and couldn’t afford it or he just wanted to hear the chatter of his kids that he had missed all week long.

I knew deep down in my heart, that if I were to ride that coaster, I would freak out once we got to the very tip-top of what looked like the peak of a mountain. But, I insisted to my sister that I would ride that rollercoaster like nobody’s business.

I would motion my hand in an upward position like it was the cart on the coaster and then drop it down right in my sister’s face making a swooshing sound, acting every bit of a 5-year old. I don’t remember ever going to Circus World with my Dad but I do remember the drive from Tampa to Orlando and back and the music that would play in the car. Since my parents were divorced at the time, Daddy would play the song, “Just the two of us” by Bill Withers and re-word the song making it “Just the three of us,” since our family would always be in sets of three now since the divorce, instead of the awesome four which obviously included my fantastic Mom.

I really didn’t need to ride the coaster. I just wanted to see it up close. Was it raggedy and worn? Did the seats in the cart have seat belts or was there some kind of lap bar? I needed to know details. I, at the very least, wanted to hear the voices of the riders up close.

What made that drive so much fun was that I had the chance to stick my head out of the window when I knew that wasn’t typically allowed when it was four of us. For some reason, Dad only allowed me to do that when we passed Circus World and I didn’t abuse the privilege. I did it only when I knew it was OK. We didn’t have to wait in any lines, have our height checked or pay any admission fees. Dad simply drove us past Circus World and that was exciting. I felt empowered enough to tell my sister exactly what I would do and how I would do it and going to Orlando seemed to give me an opportunity to show how bold I was to my big sister as we drove into town from Tampa to start a new chapter in our lives.

Circus World was my favorite part of Orlando even though I never physically experienced it. The imagination brought so much more. There were no long lines to wait in, no arguments about who’s riding what next and no long drive home. It was a 4-second glance that invited so much fun to this little girl each and every time we drove past.