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Will a ban list for guns really change anything?

Last year, the US military has started a list of more than 4,000 people who have been dishonorably discharged from the military and banned from having guns. “Good people will turn in their guns and bad people will keep them.” Someone said this to me years ago when I attended a gun “buy back” drive in Central Florida. The goal of this campaign was for law enforcement to get the community to trade in their guns for a brand new pair of sneakers. For the most part, the program was successful. However, it does not expound on how many people were giving up only one of many of their weapons.

An ex US-Airman walked into a church in Texas last November and shot over two dozen worshipping people. Does anyone truly think that if this man was on a ban list that he would not have done this unspeakable act? What about the Las Vegas shooter? Would he have not committed the unthinkable had he been on a gun ban list? Would the Pulse shooter, who killed 49 people, have thought twice about the massacre he was about to commit had he been on a ban list. The answer is a big, fat no. The Sandy Hook shooter? The answer is still no. It certainly wouldn’t have stopped the man who shot a handful of congressional leaders in Virginia at a baseball game.

Guns are too entrenched in American society for a list to regulate who may or may not have a gun. Now, we are so accustomed to guns in America that we are hardened emotionally when a mass shooting flashes across the television screen. Gun lobbyists and the NRA are too adamant about their position to declare guns dangerous.

Jordan Davis, a black teen, was killed in Jacksonville for playing his music too loudly by an aggressive, drunk, white man who very well could have gotten off the hook had this not been an emotionally strong, post Trayvon Martin society. Florida couldn’t take yet another black teen being gunned down at the hands of a white man taking issues that could have easily been avoided into their own hands.

Guns are a huge problem in America with more than 300 mass shootings in 2017 alone yet there are no real moves being made to stop the shootings besides a ban list that is destined to fail. What America needs is an aggressive campaign to first make sure people who have severe mental problems do not get their hands on a gun.

There should also be a limit to how many guns a person can own. The Las Vegas shooter had an arsenal of guns as if he were a one man military. In addition, assault rifles should not be in the hands of any American.

Assault weapons are made for military combat and no one on the street is in military combat so why in the world is it legal to have access to something that can kill mass numbers of people at any given moment.

America is often thought of as a leader however this is a time when we can take direction from other countries, like Canada, who have low to no gun violence at all.

If we are all to make this world as safe as it can be, then it is our mission to be as aggressive as we can about the use of guns in America.

VP Mike Pence leaves an NFL game in protest

Last Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence left an NFL game after the national anthem because members of the football team kneeled during the anthem.

After, Pence posted on social media, “I left today’s Colts game because @POTUS and I will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our National Anthem.”

Wait. What? Dignify? First of all, does Pence really believe he and the President “dignify” events?

Among many things, the President of the United States is a man who claims to grab women by their private parts, he claimed he’d date his daughter and he mocks disabled people. He doesn’t dignify anything.

As for Vice President Pence, his willingness to leave a game because players took a knee, now defines him as a protestor who protested a protest. Or we can call it what it really is and that’s a tantrum.

What baffles me is the unbelievably bold statement the President and Vice President have made to take away funding from veterans.

According to Military Times, the White House’s proposed budget includes $3.6 billion in savings from benefits trims.

If you’ve ever talked to a veteran about their struggles, you’d know they suffer from not being able to get the necessary treatment and services they need from traditional VA hospitals.

Cutting funding is blatant disrespect for those who have fought and sacrificed their lives for this country yet the focus of our Commander-In-Chief and his sidekick, is on a football game and players who silently kneel to protest the anthem’s lie of “justice for all.”

On Monday, the President tweeted, “The trip by @VP Pence was long planned. He is receiving great praise for leaving game after the players showed such disrespect for country.” This comes after President Trump called for a boycott of the National Football League.

It appears Trump gave Pence direction on what to do during a protest via his tweet that read, “I asked @VP Pence to leave stadium if any players kneeled, disrespecting our country. I am proud of him and @SecondLady Karen.”

I wonder if Vice President Pence realizes he was used as a public relations stunt for the President and he missed a great time so that his boss could make a point to the NFL and those of us who support players taking a knee.

Overall, Pence’s political grandstand may play well to those who are firm supporters of the President but quite frankly, it was nothing short of a temper tantrum.

The lesson behind the two slain Kissimmee officers

Central Florida once again grieves the loss of two law enforcement officers.

Thousands attended the funerals held at First Baptist Church of Orlando for Kissimmee Sergeant Richard “Sam” Howard and Officer Matthew Baxter after they were killed by a gunman while helping to protect a citizen.

Once again, the issue of the death penalty has become a hot topic ever since the sitting State Attorney in the ninth judicial circuit announced she would not seek capital punishment on anyone for any crime in her circuit during her administration.

The killing of a law enforcement officer certainly fits the description under the law of a heinous crime that is worthy of the death penalty. As a result, the next day, Governor Rick Scott removed the two cases via Executive Order 17-222. The order reassigned the case of the accused, Everette Glenn Miller, from State Attorney Aramis Ayala to State Attorney Brad King. Governor Scott said, “Last night’s violence against our law enforcement community is reprehensible and has no place in our state. In Florida, we have zero tolerance for violence and those who attack our law enforcement. Today, I am using my executive authority to reassign this case to State Attorney Brad King to ensure the victims of last night’s attack and their families receive the justice they deserve.”

Attorney General Pam Bondi said, “Two Florida police officers were brutally murdered and the victims’ families deserve a prosecutor who is willing to consider all sentences, including the death penalty – that is why the Governor and I agree the investigation and prosecution of this case must be reassigned.”

This is sad because we have the first black woman as State Attorney in the state of Florida and we are seeing injustice come in the form of blatant neglect of duty and rebellion by an elected official who is sworn to uphold the law.

On the other hand, what I hear from some in the community, is that we are undoubtedly seeing excessive force cases from around the country where some in law enforcement have abused their authority.

There is a disconnect there because in no way should justification for the actions of some recoil unfavorably for those who are good officers. In addition, the outcry from the black community after two black law enforcement officers have been killed has been awfully quiet and that is wrong.

These officers were black and they were good cops and there is no reason why we should be waging war on an entire community.

If we are guilty of being silent when good cops are killed we are just as guilty as the cops that are silent when they witness other officers use excessive force against us.

See, just as there are more good people in this world than bad, there are more good cops than bad cops. Matthew Baxter’s Grandfather spoke at the funeral of the officers acknowledging there have been some problems with law enforcement and said we have a tendency to paint all law enforcement officers with a broad brush, however, he said, there are good cops out there.

It is important that while we are fighting to change the actions of the bad officers that we don’t neglect the good ones in the midst. Leaving those who truly serve and protect us behind is just as extreme as rebelling against the law because we are angry about the actions of some officers. As we wait for the Supreme Court’s decision and possible the suspension of Ayala for misfeasance or malfeasance, we must be careful not to respond as those who are extremist in their rebellion to what’s already the law.

If “we” are to change the laws that we don’t like, it must be done fairly and properly or we will have to sit quietly by when an elected official challenges us to something that is just as extreme.

The top 5 most revolutionary moves America made that should have been a no-brainer

There is quite a bit wrong with America but there is also quite a bit that is right with our country as well.

In times like these, it’s important for us to look back on history so that we’re not prone to repeat it.

Even though these issues should have been implemented when America stole this country from the Native Americans, here are the top 5 issues America has made that you’d think would’ve been understood and carried out under the founding documents of this country.

The Freeing of the Slaves – Duh. Please don’t give me the speech about how slavery was all about business and building a country. This was indeed about power, racism and savagery. Currently, America is a thriving country that is not in the midst of physical, unpaid, slavery as it was historically and business is better than ever. So miss me with the ideology that building a country like a savage was even something we should’ve been doing in the first place. American should have known better.

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 – Even though some voter suppression still happens today, it was only 52 years ago that Blacks got the right to go to the polls without intimidation, poll taxes and poll tests. One would think that would be included, at the very least, in the commitment to free the slaves, but somehow that must’ve gotten lost in translation.

Women’s Rights – Women had to tag along beside the most oppressed in order to get the right to vote and the right to be treated as equals even though women are still paid less in corporate America compared to white men. Some of the acts in Congress that liberated Blacks, liberated White women. Being a woman and Black was a double-negative in this country for a very long time.

The Legalization of Marijuana – America is still fighting this battle but some states have decided to legalize the plant for those in need and some have even legalized it recreationally. Cotton, tobacco and cannabis or hemp were the three biggest cash cows for those in power and it’s still a huge revenue source for this country. Now, big pharma is getting it’s paws on weed and making it a pharmaceutical choice for doctors to prescribe to patients.

LGBT Marriage Equality – It’s always been my belief that if you don’t like same-sex marriage, then don’t marry someone of the same sex as yourself. Doesn’t that seem like the right thing to do instead of keeping people from marrying whoever they’d like to marry? What business is it of the government to stop humans from marrying other humans? Only during the last presidency did we see such a mega stride in human equal rights.

Beside putting Charles Manson in the electric chair, America often has tried to at least solve the issues plaguing the people.

However, being ever so faithful in the Age of Trump is difficult. We still have such a long way to go although some Democrats and Republicans think it’s revolutionary to achieve things like decreasing or even stopping the number of Officers who kill unarmed people. Things like that are not revolutionary, they are right. It’s time we get back to the business of the American people, even with a President like the one we currently have in office.

Why I’m Not With Kamala in 2020

“Kamala Harris is articulate and a Democrat.” That’s the argument I hear from those trying to convince me Kamala Harris should be the Presidential nominee for the Democratic Party in 2020.

Having Kamala Harris on a ticket looks good.

It appeals to the lust we have for choosing candidates of color assuming those candidates will look out for the greater good of our communities because we assume they can identify with us.

But can they? Can they really identify with the 1-2% of America that is fighting to make America best?
My opinion is absolutely not.

To those who voted for Donald Trump because they felt he could identify with them are confused about the gap between the rich and the poor. Their six-figure salary does not put them in the 1%. Many of us don’t even quite know what the 1% really is.

The income inequality is not even half the battle. To dangle a racial and/or feminist carrot in our faces is insulting. In April, the Los Angeles Times wrote, ‘We can’t afford to be purists, Senator Kamala Harris warns Progressives.’

That statement alone is insulting. Progressives are often described as purists and radicals but that is far from the truth. The Civil Rights era was sparked by the injustices Black people endured in America. The dog attacks, the water hoses, the police brutality and excessive force, lynchings and the systemic racism that went along with all the physical abuse is just a glimpse into a description of why Rosa Parks, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were Progressives, or as some would call them, Democratic Socialists.

When a group of people stand against police brutality and murders of unarmed people, that is not being a purist that’s being a realist. When Progressives fight for single-payer health care, that is not being purist that is being actively involved in the basic human rights of human beings.

Progressives have fought against Wall Street corrupting political campaigns which influence our elections and when those campaigns flop, Progressives are then asked to rev up that energy again but this time the ones calling Progressives purists are asking Progressives to fight against Russia for influencing our election process.

That is purely hypocrisy and undemocratic. Progressives aren’t asking to be pure. They are asking to do exactly what Democrats have preached and put on paper for so long, yet haven’t done.

Progressives fought for a $15 minimum wage while the Democratic Party fought against it and voted it down. Progressives fought for free college while the Democratic Party laughed at the concept. Now, there is a tuition free college in New York. In addition, the Democrats in Congress voted against an amendment establishing protections for pensions, they voted against a carbon tax amendment, against an amendment banning fracking, against an amendment to block the use of eminent domain for fossil fuel extraction, against an amendment to make climate change a test for building pipelines, against an amendment for single payer health care, against an amendment to specify mechanisms on making health care a right, against an amendment to oppose any use of force in the Syrian conflict and against an amendment calling for the end of the America’s exportation of fracking.

If Progressives are called purists, then Democrats should be called Republicans.

It actually bothers me to not stand with politicians of color. It hurts to the core. But, I cannot be with any person that is not with the 99% of us and that goes for Kamala Harris, too.

What Aramis Ayala is missing about the death penalty

Four young men were killed in Philadelphia by a confessed murderer named Cosmo DiNardo and his cousin Sean Kratz. Most Americans watched as law enforcement surrounded the area where the bodies were buried but how they found those bodies is even more intriguing.

DiNardo agreed to cooperate with police if prosecutors would take the death penalty off the table. So, they used the death penalty as a negotiating tool to get a confession and to locate the bodies of the four men. DiNardo even confessed to two other murders he committed when he was 15 years old.

DiNardo lured two of the four men to a 90-acre farm which his parents owned where they met his cousin, Sean Kratz. Two of the men got out of the truck to discuss a marijuana sale and when they turned their backs, DiNardo pulled out a .357 Smith & Wesson handgun and shot them. He added their bodies to an oil tank that had been converted into a cooker where he had dumped another dead body just hours before. He then set the bodies on fire although they did not burn.

Without the death penalty being an option, police and the families of these men may still be wondering what happened to them. The community would still be on alert and  murderers would still be on the loose.

In the Ninth Judicial Circuit in Orange and Osceola counties in Florida, State Attorney Aramis Ayala made a blanket policy that her office will not seek the death penalty in any case during her administration.

In an interview with WFTV Channel 9, Retired Chief Judge Belvin Perry said, the Governor is going to get tired of snatching cases from Ayala “on almost a weekly basis.” Perry is right. While every case involving murder does not warrant the death penalty the death penalty can be used as leverage as well to solve crimes and a seasoned prosecutor would know that.

Unfortunately, the reality we face is a scary one and history shows murders that warrant the death penalty happen all across America, all too often. Reasonable people can agree the death penalty is highly controversial but no one person can make the decision to enforce it or not to enforce it. That is done by our legislators and Ayala took their job away from them by making the announcement in March that she will not seek it on any case, present and future. That is not prosecutorial discretion. That is a policy that supersedes the blueprint, which is the law.

What is also bothersome is the dragging of other professionals for her decision not to pursue the death penalty. Attorney Roy Austin defended her before the Florida Supreme Court and ruined his reputation in the eyes of some, for doing so. Unfortunately, a host of other professionals’ careers are also on life support as a result of her decision.

Top 5 dopest and “wokest” actions white guys have taken to eradicate racism

Before you judge me for writing about white people, do know that I typically write about the experiences and accomplishments of Black people. However, I would be remiss to not acknowledge the good that people who are not Black have lended to the struggle. Therefore, in this commentary, I’ll top off the 5 most “wokest” and “dopest” things white men have done to help put racism on the sidelines in America.

  1. Matthew Cooke’s documentaries and his film shorts – Cooke took America by surprise when he launched his documentary, How to make money selling drugs in America which highly criticized the war on drugs. He further helped some Black people understand their rights under the law by releasing short films that explained what to do when stopped by police. Among other shorts, he introduced, Survivors guide to prison, Racebaiting 101 and How to get a bad cop fired. Cooke helped many realize, just because we believe something is immoral or unethical doesn’t mean it’s not lawful.
  2. Royce Mann’s poem – Last year, this 14-year old white boy took to the stage in a poetry slam to recite a poem he and his friend wrote titled, White boy privilege. In his poem, he shamed America by apologizing to Black people, Native Americans and more. Near the beginning of the poem, Mann said he loves his white privilege because when he sees a police officer he sees someone that is on his side. He says, it is embarrassing that we claim to live in an equal country but we don’t give anyone that is not a white man a chance to be equal.
  3. Senator Bernie Sanders – Not only was Senator Sanders arrested fighting for equality for Black people but his life’s work has been a consistent struggle for equality for people of color and the poor. He was chained to a Black woman in the 1960’s, fighting against segregation. He fights for health care, civil rights, economic equality and so much more. The fire in Bernie Sanders was felt by so many people during his campaign for President that he packed arenas and streets with people who wanted to hear and agreed with, his plan for America. In this America, some wanted to feel what democratic socialism is like. They called it, “The Bern.” Now, Sanders has truly started a Revolution that is inclusive of all who want to fight against the injustices we see in our everyday lives.
  4. Mark Ruffalo – This white man does not back down. He is an actor, an activist and a filmmaker and uses his voice to fight for the voiceless. Some criticized Ruffalo for referring to Blacks as “these people” during the Oscar’s. Others think that misstep was a teachable moment. However, Ruffalo threatened to not attend the Academy Awards because of their lack of diversity in their awards. He continues to fight against racism and criminal justice reform and said, “The entire American system is rife with a kind of white privileged racism that goes into our justice system.”
  5. Tim Wise – A wise man, indeed. Tim Wise has given over 600 speeches speaking out against racial injustice. An anti-racism activist and author, Wise put pressure on companies to stop doing business with the South African government during apartheid. Among others, Wise is the author of, Colorblind: The Rise of Post-Racial Politics and the Retreat from Racial Equity, White like me and The Pathology of Privilege: Racism.

Open letter to Governor Rick Scott about State Attorney Aramis Ayala

There’s a letter floating around that is drafted to the Governor of Florida from some who say they are sick and tired of the politics of Aramis Ayala. The recent traffic stop by The Orlando Police Department that she calls racially motivated is making it’s rounds on social media, with the help of Orange and Osceola county taxpayers, and has actually been posted and supported by activist and Journalist Shaun King.

Below is a copy of the letter. Tell us your thoughts.

Dear Governor Rick Scott:

As a registered voter of the Ninth Judicial Circuit of Florida, I ask that you suspend Aramis Ayala from office and request the Senate review that suspension for impeachment.

While reasonable people can disagree on the death penalty as a policy issue, an elected official who swore to uphold the laws of the State of Florida should not be allowed to unilaterally cherry-pick which laws she will or will not follow. We ask that you remove her immediately and appoint someone of high legal stature, like the former Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Belvin Perry to take her place.

Aramis Ayala helped to disenfranchise over 500,000 voters that reside in Orange and Osceola counties during her election and she did not run on the platform of not enforcing the death penalty therefore she is not a duly elected officer of the court.

Helpful Source:

Ayala has spent over $1.4 million of money from George Soros to unfairly call her opponent, Jeff Ashton, a racist. Now, she has taken $17,000 of our money and paid a Public Relations firm to unfairly do the same to you for rightfully taking 24 death penalty cases from her. As aware and active voters, we take this kind of deception very seriously.

Helpful Source:

We also ask that you investigate her husband, David Ayala, and the money from George Soros, that was filtered into his non-profit organization which is supposed to help restore the rights of violent offenders.

Helpful Sources:

Finally, if the Supreme Court sides with you in the lawsuit she filed against you, her position will likely be to say she’ll look at each case on a case by case basis and decide if it is worthy of the death penalty. After her press conference in March and as a result of her own words, we do not believe she would have an epiphany and somehow now enforce the law.

Please do not let us down. We look forward to your action on this matter.


One of the 500,000 disenfranchised voters of Aramis Ayala

Sheriff Jerry Demings announces his candidacy for Orange County Mayor

Last Friday, Orange county Sheriff Jerry Demings announced his candidacy for the seat of Orange county mayor. Amongst a crowd of supporters and elected officials, Demings said, “I am overwhelmed by the tremendous show of support.” Demings continued, “after much prayer and deliberation and with the support of my family, I’m excited to announce my candidacy for Orange county mayor for the 2018 election cycle.”

U.S. Congresswoman Val Demings, introduced her husband putting her support behind him saying, “you all saw him during the time when four hurricanes, four, came through Orange county and he really led the response effort and recovery effort.” Demings was Sheriff not only when Orange county faced hurricanes but also when the Pulse tragedy happened last year.

Demings was first elected Sheriff in 2008 and was re-elected in 2012 and 2016. He was also the first African American Chief of Police in Orlando.

Current Mayor Theresa Jacobs will term out next year leaving the seat open for Orange county’s next new Mayor.

Many speculate who will run for Demings’ seat as Sheriff. Demings said he’s talked to some potential candidates for his seat but he declined name or to endorse anyone. There was some talk among the crowd that Orlando Police Chief John Mina is seriously considering a run for Sheriff.

Campaign rules require candidates to step down from seats such as Sheriff in order to campaign for another elected position. Demings said he will step down from his seat as Sheriff at the end of the year. However, the announcement formally put any other candidates thinking about running for the seat on notice and confirmed rumors claiming Demings would run.

Demings has spent 36 years in public service and tops the chart currently as the most experienced and recognizable candidate in the race to date. The primary election is scheduled for August 28, 2018 and the general election is set for November 6, 2018.

If racism could speak

If racism could speak, here’s what he’d say.

My name is Racism.

Although you know me well, you may not recognize me sometimes when you see me. Well, at least you act like you don’t.

You don’t even acknowledge me when you become one with me yet so many people of color long for you to see me, but my disguises are so well thought out. People of color point you out and shout my name and you say they’re playing the race card.

I am the part of you that turns your head when Black men and women are gunned down by officers unjustly, yet legally. I am the part of you that says nothing when a verdict of “not guilty” comes down for an Officer that murdered a person of color. That’s who I am.

I am the one who will jump in front of you and tell you to go protest at a women’s march, even though you haven’t protested or spoken out against the injustices that happened to Trayvon Martin, Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner and so many others. I tell you where to put your focus and you do it every time.

I am the political parties that will vet, recruit, run and coronate candidates so that they may spend time on pushing any and every type of bill through Congress with the exception of anything that has to do with the Black Lives Matter movement or justice for people of color. I disguise legislation and make it look like it’s a war between the rich and the poor when I know better.

Like a thief in the night, I steal that gut feeling from you that you get when you know your Black and Brown brothers and sisters cannot fight me alone.

I trick you into thinking Black law enforcement leaders and Black and Brown legislators can help stop the rage of white America but to tell you the truth, only a collective fight for changed laws will stop the hate that take and consume the lives of Black and Brown people in this country. Keep that between us for if they knew changed laws would eradicate me, they’d win.

I don’t want you to know this, but, I can even get Black and Brown people to think if they can only get white people to love or like them, that they’d be able to overcome racism. Truth is, it doesn’t matter if white people like, love or hate Black and Brown people because I can still beat the system. I can manipulate the mind to have someone kill a person of color and law will always be on my side if I can convince jurors to look closely at the law of these United States. See, in some places of the world, I don’t have as much power. Yet, in America, I am everything.

On the other hand, the two Black people who saved the lives of the all white legislators playing baseball last week threw me for quite a loop. I was hoping they would allow my colleagues, Death and Destruction, to creep in so that we could once again penetrate the thought process of so many.

Instead, they didn’t. They stepped in and helped. Since I couldn’t work my magic on them, I worked my magic on the 12 jurors in the Philando Castile case the same week and made sure that cop was acquitted.
I hate to admit it but I can’t get into the minds and hearts of every man and woman, but I can deter most. The white men in Portand, Oregon also shook me to my core when they stood up for a Muslim woman and a Black woman as I used another white man to hurl insults their way. I was in all my glory and here comes this Republican and Bernie Sanders supporter to their rescue. I was floored. Everyone who attacked me were white. I was stunned at their willingness to stand up to me and put their lives on the line without a moments notice. In London this week, a white man drove a van through a crowd of Muslim worshippers outside of a Mosque, killing at least one person. I’m growing fast abroad, too.

With the laws in America, I don’t even have to work hard because the Constitution defends me. With all the power it has, more than anything, I, racism, am protected under the law. I’m free to be me and there’s nothing you can do about it. Truth is, I’m keeping the lawmakers busy with the Russians so I’ll be here longer than you can ever imagine.

I’m the reason churches separate like oil and water each Sunday and I’ll drive a political wedge through the pulpit like a stake being driven through a vampire’s heart. I can do all this, even to the most liberal of people, because you don’t see me. You don’t see that I am fixated on you.

You deny me all to often declaring, “I’m no racist,” when in fact, you are so tangled with me, you keep people that look like you closest to you.

When you allow your human brethren to stand alone, you make my job so much easier and I’m forever grateful to you for that.

As I embark on another week, I want you to say who I am. I am racism. You and I are closer than you think. We’re more than friends. I’m a part of your mindset. You’d have to work far too hard each day to block me from taking over your mentality and you, white America, you just don’t have the strength to do that. So, instead of turning the other cheek, when you see or feel me, act like you know me. Even though you won’t be around, I’ll be here to introduce myself to your grandchildren and their children. I’ll get to your children while they are young through your unconscious biases.

I’m everywhere you don’t expect. I infiltrate places like the Democratic Party, those so-called liberal thinkers, to a point where they’ve made Black women the firewall which protects a racial agenda. Even the Florida Democratic Chair, Steven Bittel let out racially charged rhetoric this past weekend at a conference in South Florida saying, Black legislators just don’t get it and compared Black men elected by their communities to whiney Black babies. I could only let out a diabolical laugh when I heard the news and I continued to go about my cause.

There’s no doubt, I’m a villain and no matter what I can’t be killed. I’ve worked with the greatest of all time, like Hitler, Trump and David Duke and I realize that some peoples’ hearts will cut them short of going through with the true racist agenda I have plotted; people like those Portland men who will forever be martyred now, disgusts me. They likely didn’t have a racist bone in their bodies which means I need to get back on my job of creating that great racial divide that I’ve always put in the minds of even the most honorable people.