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ALL TIME GREATEST AIRPLANE SEAT – Emirates First Class Suite Casey Neistat

I’m a fan of Casey Neistst. He understands marketing and filmmaking, which can be very lucrative. Last year Casey snagged an upgrade to first class on another Emirates flight from New York City to Dubai. Casey doing what he does best posted a video of the trip. Two interesting facts, a JFK – DXB ticket costs $21,000.00 and Casey’s video has over 47 Million views. I think Emirates got their money’s worth on that upgrade.

This type of travel is insane. There’s no middle seat, only your seat. A fully stocked minibar in your suite could be fodder for a crazy travel roundup post. Eleven bars of soap in your suite as well as video conferencing between you and the flight attendant, damn.

It takes a major pair to fly a drone inside a moving plane



Business insider did an article (turn off your Ad-Blocker) on this plane and it’s interior will blow your mind.

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