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US Airways Disrespects Army Ranger First Sergeant Marle: When policies should give way to common sense

On a recent US Airways flight from Portland to Charlotte, Army First Sergeant Albert Marle, who was seated in Coach, asked the flight attendant if she could hang up his jacket. Usually this is a service granted only to First Class passengers. One, because there isn’t room to hang up jackets for every flying passenger, and two, it is an obvious perk to those in First Class. Either you have laid down some big bucks for that ticket, or you are a business or pleasure traveler who has made it to the ranks of an elite status that has allowed you the bump to First Class. Either way, it is a privilege. (more…)

Are labels necessary? We are all fellow Americans!

Raven Symone child imageDo you remember the cute little girl on The Cosby Show during the 80s? Raven-Symoné portrayed a smart, cute little kid. She made us all laugh as she stole her grandfather Cliff Huxtable’s heart. I thought it was a pretty heartwarming story, after all she was completely accepted into their family when Cliff’s daughter in the series, Denise, married a divorced father, she met while in Africa, making Denise an instant step-mother. She really stole the show, stealing the spotlight in every scene she graced.

But this post isn’t about that.

I hadn’t given much thought about what happened to the cute little girl since Cosby ended. But Oprah, of all people of course, has a series that addresses questions just like that. For people that must know these things. On her  Celebrity Series, Where Are They Now? Oprah first brings up a question about a tweet that Raven sent out back in August 2013. The tweet reads, “I can finally get married. Yay government!  So proud of you!” Immediately, Oprah wants to know if this was Raven’s way of coming out, her way of saying she was gay. Yay Oprah! Just come right out with it!  (sarcasm). (more…)

10 reasons fall is the best time – especially for Floridians – to travel. And, Oh My! Details of my Solo Adventure to Europe last October.

Seems everyone is talking about fall!  From pumpkin to witches to costumes to Halloween Horror Nights @ Universal Studios, people are just ready to leave behind summer and welcome the cooler season. Oh, right! This is Florida! Oh well, perhaps even more so do we here in the land of heat and humidity have a reason to love fall, even if that only means a few degrees less of sweltering heat.

Fall is for Travel!!!  Which leads me to my point here: while so many people dream of the arrival of the infamous pumpkin spiced lattes, or the local fair, I find fall the favorite time for travel. Meaning, somewhere outside of Florida.


Fall leaves #1 – courtesy of photopin

I love Florida. I really do! But I also love cooler weather, and when I say cooler, I mean cooler. Not like 75, but more like 50s and 60s during the day and 40s at night. Gasp! No, thank you, I won’t bite my tongue. (more…)

Can the mindset of entitlement be reversed? It may be quite simple.

Christina Briggs, 26, of Wigan, England says she needs more help from the government. Not just help, but more help.

The Facebook posts with links to the Mail Online and Mad World started showing up yesterday on my timeline – and they’ve not stopped yet. On the video clip below, British commentator Katie Holmes, known for her sass, shows some love to Christina following all the backlash after her Closer interview.  (more…)

IDPA: One Match and I’m sold. Build self defense shooting skills and have fun too!

IDPA: One Match and I’m sold. Build self defense shooting skills and have fun too!

As a woman who loves the shooting sports, my 2nd Amendment rights, and considering my competitive streak, I have wanted to do an IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) Match for some time.  I purchased the book SHOOT written by Julie Golob, last year.  I already took advantage of an opportunity back in December to shoot a USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) match at the Volusia County Gun and Hunt Club with some fellow TWAW (The Well Armed Woman) members. I did okay for my first shooting competition – my main focus was safety as it normally is whenever I handle a firearm:  to keep my firearm pointed downrange at all time, and in that event to avoid falling down while running between stages – the last thing I was concerned with was my score. (more…)

Dad in military uniform not allowed inside daughter’s school?

So it seems a school in Michigan prohibited a dad in uniform from entering his daughter’s school because it may be considered offensive to others?

Well, I say let’s just deport all those people off to their own island and let them live there – defenseless against the threat of others. Those threats would include the ISIS, etc.



Truett Cathy… he stuck to his guns and left a legacy amidst the controversy

Truett Cathy was a natural born entrepreneur. Purchasing six-packs of coca-cola as an eight-year-old, loading them onto a little red wooden wagon, he circled his neighborhood providing convenience to his neighbors and made a nickel on every six-pack sold. As a teenager, he was an award winning Atlanta Journal paperboy with his own route.  It wasn’t rocket science to this young man that customer service was the key ingredient to success. (more…)

Why I didn’t participate in the #ALSIceBucketChallenge

Although nominated, I didn’t participate in the #ALSIceBucketChallenge, as promoted by the ALS Association.  I had a few reasons, but first and foremost, I’m just not a follower. I didn’t like that it turned into the social media frenzy of people just dumping ice water on their heads to raise awareness – with no information on the disease or how to prevent it as it spread – I honestly felt like some people may have enjoyed their moment in the limelight without much if any thought to ALS or a donation – I’m not saying everyone who participated did this – but you and I both know there is truth in that – even though most of you won’t say it – I will. And yes, the run-on-sentence is intentional.

So all these people who are taking the Challenge, had no incentive to donate to the cause. The ALS website states,

“People can either accept the challenge or make a donation to an ALS Charity of their choice, or do both.”


I will admit that I heard some people instruct their nominations to take the Challenge within 24 hours and donate $10, or else donate $100.  I was dealing with an ill family member, and no way could I participate in the allotted time period, so should I shamed into having to donate $100? What about those who don’t have $10 to donate? Then, they are shamed for only doing the Challenge….What’s worse, I saw comments made by Challengers asking why their nominees hadn’t done as instructed. Really? Is the Challenge about shaming everyone to participate and donate to ALS? (more…)

The importance of forgiveness before a loved one passes

I am given the task tonight as part of Blogapalooz Hour to: “write a letter to someone or some entity with whom you have had a disagreement.”

Just yesterday, my 97 year old aunt passed away; therefore, I chose to write this letter in her honor.


Dear Glenn,

I am going to miss you!

I am happy that I was able to spend as much time as I have with you over the past few years. Looking back five years ago, who would have thought that? I feel fortunate that we were able to repair our relationship as we did. (more…)