A Thanksgiving Fathers Message

A Thanksgiving Fathers Message Can Your Shoulders Handle Your Title This Thanksgiving fathers should make sure they re-evaluate their relationships with their children and families. This is a time for giving thanks and appreciation for the Blessings they have. Not how much money they have, not what they can buy ... Read More »

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Dealing with your non-goth family members this Thanksgiving

When you’re sitting between the rich colors of a Thanksgiving meal and your conservative, pastel-wearing family members, it can be hard to hide the darkness of your outfit and overall aesthetic. Chances are you’ll get snide comments and backhanded compliments throughout the night. It can be hard and sometimes hurtful ... Read More »

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ICE! brings a holiday classic to life

Over the weekend, a cold front slowly slid across Central Florida, bringing with it something us Floridians yearn for during the holidays: SWEATER WEATHER! However, sporting my boots and scarves in 49-degree weather did not prepare me for losing complete feeling of my hands and face. Let me explain… I ... Read More »

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